Real time operating system

can u give details on CROS (concurrent real time operating systems,where should i refer to for it's system functions and system calls
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qaatri: You posted your question twice; I suggest you delete one of them or people will get confused....

AFAIK Unix is not a real-time O/S due to its method of time-sharing; Even a priority process on a busy system may not be able to track real-time events.

Unfortunately I can only suggest the obvious answer - find a CROS and then find a howto/guide/programmers manual for it  :(
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gaatriAuthor Commented:
I want to know About the CROS RTOS, it 's system functions, system calls,
can u suggest me anny website relating to CROS RTOS,please do the needful
A useful site about RTOS is:

Searching for CROS on this site only produced 1 result:
(Which is no good if you can't read Korean)

Searching for "concurrent" on this site produced more hits, only one of which appeared to meet your requirement of "concurrent" AND "real-time".

>TimeWare Project
The TimeWare Project is devoted to building tools for the design and implementation of concurrent, real-time systems.

Is this the right area (in which case I'll dig deeper into the programming aspects) or do you have a particular suppliers O/S in mind (in which case their web site would be the best place to start)?

As you haven't responded, I'll assume my previous comments have given you what you need.

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