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Please tell me how I can solve for X solely by putting this equation into the calculator.

2X +7 - = 0
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simonetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are 2 ways to do it:

1) Using the Equation Solver:

Enter it by using the green arrow + SOLVE [7]

Then select "Solve equation..."
On the Equation input box, type in the equation using single-quotes as the delimiter.
On the "X:" input box, press SOLVE [F]

The value of X will be returned.

2) By using Symbolic manipulation

using the stack (not screens are active), type-in the equation and press [ENTER]:

1:      '2*X+7=0'

now type in 'X':

2:      '2*X+7=0'
1:                 'X'

Now press the pink (left) arrow, and SYMBOLIC [9]

Press ISOL [C]

The result of X will be returned on the stack:

1:     'X=0.28571429'


If you go into the equation solver, you can type in your equation, and type in your variable to solve for, and the calculator will do it for you.

I think the equation solver is (green-arrow)+solve???  (I don't have my calculator with me)
Actually there are 2 more ways to do it.

One is by using a matrix (a vector, actually) and the other is by using the Solver but without any like on the step I first outlined in my answer.

Using matrices is more suitable when you have a linear system of more than one variable, like this:

2*X + 3*Y = 7
4*X -  9*Y = 18

Then you use the command RREF to evaluate the matrix above, which will give you the correct values for X, Y and any other variables you may have on the linear system.


A correction to my answer:

The result of X will be returned on the stack:

1:     'X=-3.5000000'

I wrote the wrong result because I had typed in the wrong equation (7X - 2=0)


Dixie103099Author Commented:
Thank you very much for your detailed answer.  I am getting the hang of the calculator now.
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