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Every one,
I have install Norton System Works, the Recycle Bin have change. Anytime I open the "Recycle Bin", it turn to Unerase windows. I REALLY WANT TO DELETE THE FILE IN THE RECYCLE BIN!!! Please give me a method to solve my problem. PLEASE GIVE ME A SIMPLE TO DO METHOD!!!!!!!!!!
                           -- O_Really.
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andy_marioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is very simple, it may not have 75 marks.
You can click right click on the icon and select "empty recycle bin"!
O_ReallyAuthor Commented:
andy_mario's answer is EXCELLENT!!
If you want, because I have, to can change and even remove Norton's protection of the recycle bin.

Right click the Recycle Bin and choose properties, choose the Norton tab (I think that's its name, its the last on the list anyway) and choose the 3rd button called Remove Norton Protection, and choose another tab along the top and somewhere it will give you the option to change what loads up when you double click the Recycle Bin icon (if you have deleted the Norton Protection then you should do this), change the option to load up the standard recycle bin. Click OK.

Sorry my descriptions aren't accurate as I'm on an NT machine.

The fact Norton takes over the recycle bit is my only gripe about Norton Utilities, which also houses a bug thatall the files may not be deleted when you choosing 'Delete Norton protected Files'.
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