Local Registration of Remote COM Server

An Active Form Application embbeded in a simple html page. The Application interacts with an Automation server residing on a remote machine. The Active Form will Auto Connect to the Automation server on a predefined machine.

The html page resides on a web server.

When a client pc loads the page the embedded ActiveX application tries to connect to the Remote Automation Server,but fails.

Question: Does the client PC have to have entries in its registry describing the remote automation server?
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No it does not require that the remote automation server be registered, but only if your application can connect to the remote server on it's own. For instance, the Midas TDCOMConnection object can connect to a remote server, as can the TSocketConnection. If you are not using internal mechanisms to connect, then you will need to register the server so that the object can be found (using Distributed COM). For windows 95 this means a downloaded application (search for DCOM95), WinNT and Win98 come with a dcom configuration tool.

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bfjvrAuthor Commented:
The component in the client was imported from the automation object's type library and installed as a component in Delphi5.

This component has machine name and connect kind properties - therefor I take it that it knows how to connect to the remote server on its own.

However, it still gives trouble on client machines
bfjvrAuthor Commented:
I have reworked things somewhat and now have the following situation:

The Client PC has no registry entries describing the server. (WHAT I WANT)

When a client pc loads the html page, I can see that the embedded ActiveX control (ActiveForm)makes a connection to the server - I know this because if I try to close the server, it tells me that the server is in use and cannot be shut down.If the server is not in use, one can normally just exit it without any warnings.

However, when I try and execute one of the server methods from the client, the client reports the following error -Interface not Supported.

If I run the Server.exe once on the client PC it adds entries to the client pc registry which describe the server (WHICH I DONT WANT). After this, the whole thing work correctly.

Any comments would be appreciated.
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