Macintosh networking problem

It 's a small mac network (12 PowerPC7200 running MacOS 8.6.)
We have problems with transferring datas
It's very long to transfer datas from one computer to another one.
We noticed that there was, in the extensions descriptions, "apple enet" and "ethernet" was not here, is it normal ?
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If you can transfer files at all youre not missing anything. What you may have is a bad cable that is causing network collisions. Also 10base-T ethernet is going to be far from fast. You are using ethernet right? Its not localtalk phone cable?
Which protocol are you using, TCP or Appletalk?
What size data files?
How fast?
Small files ok?
Are all the cards in working properly?
A problem in hardware, as suggested will cause the whole system to perform poorly.
Check to see if all the cards are 10/100 with cat5 cable everywhere.
Feunteun: some general suggestions, and some questions for you:

In general, you can do a few things to improve network performance:
1. Upgrade to a higher-capacity type of network (e.g., going from LocalTalk to Ethernet, going from 10BT Ethernet to 100BT Ethernet)
2. Change your network architecture (e.g., upgrade from hubs to switches, put heavy traffic on a separate hub/switch, etc.)
3. Identify BSA's (bandwidth-sucking applications -- e.g., moving huge files, doing network backups, printing graphics-intensive files, videoconferencing or other heavy Internet traffic, etc.) and either reduce, redistribute, or isolate them (i.e., do network backups at night, get a print server connected directly to your printer, get dedicated ISDN for videoconferencing, etc.)
4. Macs are notoriously inefficient at network file transfer; something about the MacOS's overhead. There are utilities specifically for speeding up file transfers between Macs. You may want to look into those.

To give any useful, specific suggestions, we need some more info from you:

1. Are you using Ethernet or Localtalk? That is, are your computers connected to each other using the modem, printer, or Ethernet port?
2. What kind of wiring are you using to connect the computers? Did you have it installed, or was it in your office when you moved in?
3. If you're using Ethernet, what kind of hub or switch are you using? What else is hooked up to it (printers, servers, shared Internet, etc.)
4. What kind of performace are you seeing? How long does it take to transfer 50 small files vs. a few large ones?
5. How much traffic is on your network? Are you using the network for shared Internet access as well as file sharing? How many of your Macs are using the network at any given time?
6. Is the performance always bad, or just sometimes? Is the performance lag happening when somebody prints a large file, or is surfing the Web, or any other specific event?

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