sell me CD writer software?

Hi all,

I'm currently looking to purchase (on behalf of my company) CD writer software.
I'm pretty flexible as to which platform it runs on but I'd prefer Linux or Solaris.  Also a big bonus would be a good annual support contract.

I haven't had much luck myself thats why Im posting this message.

One point worth noting is that the software would have to have the ability to master images (ISO9660 etc) indepent of whether a writer is attached to the machine or not.

All help greaty appreciated,
- Pogga.
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You should be happy with Linux out of the box. The (command-line-)tool to write CDs is cdrecord, there are several GUI frontends for it. Mastering ISO files is easy, there's the command mkisofs. It'll take a directory tree an build an ISO file. For more information, there's the CD-Writing-HOWTO, available at

Have fun!
As gruse said, Linux comes with cdrecord, although it's not th latest version which can be found at
It works fine on Solaris also, but there you also need the scg driver from the same site. There are commercial packages, Young Minds produce an excellent package for Unix.

I don't think I've ever seen any CD mastering software that supports writing to a remote CD writer, commercial or otherwise. That's not too surprising considering what has to happen when a CD is being mastered.
poggaAuthor Commented:
I think my point is being missed slightly.  I need something with a nice GUI interface so that everyone in the office can use.  Personally I would normally you mkisofs.

Also I have no intention of writing to a remote burner.  I have an NT PC which can create cd's from images, thats why I need to be able to master images.

This, by the way, is a replacement for another mastering software package.

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A short search on (cd burning writing) shows three candidates:

CD-Tux at
   NCurses based
CDR-Toaster at
   Tk-based front end to cdrecord/mkisofs
Kcdwrite at
   KDE software, but still in development as it seems

I don't know any of these programs, you'll have to check them out for yourself. Maybe someone out there has some experience with these?
Ahh, sorry, the kcdwriter link is stale...
poggaAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 60
poggaAuthor Commented:
Ive checked out all 3 (and more besides) but none are suitable for the job in question.
Since you said in the question that you'd be willing to purchase and could go with a Solaris platform. One of the packages ("MakeDisk" or better) from Young Minds might be a good candidate. They've been around as long, if not longer than any other vendor of CD mastering software. And their product works very, very well. Their prodcut range is pretty broad, from software only all the way up to multi-burner changers w/printers.

We've got one of their smaller packed systems (software & hardware) installed on a Solaris box and it consistantly produces CDs that work everywhere, everytime. There's a minor bit of setup work to configure the package for what you'd like to use as site and/or project defaults, but once that's done it's Drag & Drop and burn. Oh yeah, on the few times I've need tech support it was fast and good.

You can see their product offerings at
There's been no activity on this for seven days, so I'm going to consider my last comment to be the answer.

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poggaAuthor Commented:
sorry about that, I didnt get a chance to respond. I'll check out youngminds and give you the points.
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