New drives not displaying in explorer

I've just installed a new hard drive in addition to my exisiting one. The original drive is just C:, and the new drive is partitioned into 3 which are D:, E:, and F:.
The zip drive is now G:, and the cd-rom is R:.
All the drives are functioning fine, I partitioned and formatted the new one using FDISK and it is all FAT32.

The problem is that in Windows 98 I can initially only see C:,D: and E: in Windows Explorer, but if I type any of the missing drive letters into the command line or the explorer bar, that drive appears in the tree and everythings fine!

So, I can see all of my drives once I have entered the missing drive letters into the explorer bar one at a time, and they all work fine.
But then when I close Explorer and reopen it they are gone again, leaving just C:, D: and E:.
It occurs to me that this is either one of two things:

1) Something to do with Active Desktop or whatever remembering the drives I had before and only displaying those three drive letters until I specifically ask it to show me the others.
2) A bug in the first release of Win98 (which is what I am using).

Can anyone help?
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
(1) First, checking if you've installed the TweakUi. If yes, go to the control panel, TweakUi, My computer, inspect in the drive F has been unchecked. Enabled it again by checked the box next to the drive F.
(2) Go to the command mode, create a directory in drive F.
(3) At the normal desktop, Start-run, type "sysedit" without the quotation and at the config.sys add a line at the bottom.
     Save the file and exit.
(4) Inspect if you F drive is partitioned less than 540Mb. If so, you may try to re-partition your new drive to make each partition size larger than 540Mb.
(5) Try to go to the control panel, inspect if you've installed the Findfast. Inspect if you have enabled the C,D,E drive but excluded the F drive.

Let me know how you made out.      pslh

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REMarlowAuthor Commented:
How daft am I? I've been home for lunch and figured it out while I was there. Obviously you hit the nail on the head straight off so you get the points anyway!
Yes it was TweakUI. For some reason when I first installed it a long time ago I unchecked all the unused drive letters in the My Computer tab.
Once I'd re-enabled F,G and R and restarted, there they all are in explorer!
Thanks ;)

Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Thanks REMarlow!     pslh
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