C++ and Windows

I´ve just learned c++ for DOS.
Now I want to create programs for windows 98, what do I need?

It would be good if it is free, because i have NO money
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What compiler are you using now?
FolkoAuthor Commented:
djgpp, wich is the same then g++ in unix(linux)
I suggest you to use Borland C++ or Microsoft Visual C++. You can also get hold of a good Windows Programming. With only knowledge in programming under DOS environment is definitely not enough if you want to do Window programming. You will have to read lots of books like me now. I am now learning Windows programming on my own with only knowledge in programming under DOS environment.

Good luck.

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I would strongly recommend VC 6.0.  A student copy is less than $100.  Realistically you can't do C++ windows programming without a professional compiler and that is going to cost money.  There are free compilers for windows, but with no documentation you'll end up having to buy lots of books you wouldn't need with VC's or BCB's help.  (VC's help is much better though, so that is one reason I recommend it.)
FolkoAuthor Commented:
Can you please give me a name from one of this free compilers? i get the tutorials
You can get several WIN32 versions of GCC through
FolkoAuthor Commented:
i have heard something msvc++ and i want to use it, if it is free, where can i download it?
I think that in general MS VC is probably the best windows compiler for serious windows development (There are good arguments for BCB and GCC depending on your needs.)  But VC is not free.  A student version is only $100 and is worth it.  You get what you pay for.  When you get a free compiler it is usually worth every penny.

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