Converting Delphi to Macintoch

What is best way of converting small webscanning program from Delphi to Macintoch?

Program sends a post request to a website and scans and displays the result.
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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it's not so much converting a delphi program but converting a windows program.
you'll ahve to use c/c++ etc for this ,there is topic forum here:

and the following i took from a similar asked question there :

The Mac OS API is very different from the Windows API. Apple made an introduction to Macintosh programming for Windows programmer at this address: 

That document covers Mac OS programming techniques, tools and APIs.
As for tools, you may want to look at, there may be listing for tools that will help you ease your transition.  I would also recommenend poking around the comp.sys.mac.programmer.* newsgroups to see if there is anyone else that has gone through the process.

hope some help
Regards Barry
peterkarlssonAuthor Commented:
I was hoping there would be a "converting tool", a freeware but...
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