Second monitor for new G4 400mhz

I am about to buy a 400 mhz G4 and I want use two monitors with it. Do I need to add another video card in addition to the Rage which is supplied with the G4. If I do need a second video card, what's a good one? I don't need super performance for the second monitor, it will only be used for tool palettes and menus for web design, no 3D graphics or games.
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Yes to add another monitor you will need another video card. What you can do is just get another Rage 128 when your order from apple. They will let you bundle up to 3 video cards with it for 3 monitors. So the Rage 128 is a good card. Since its just for pallets you could get/find an old IxMicro Ultra Rez card. Not blazingly fast but cheap and good enough for photoshop pallets. I think i saw them for $79 last i checked. You could also grab any of the ATI cards from retail, perhaps something with Video In if that interests you at all.

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