Win2K Pro & games = errors

The instruction at "0*00606405"
referenced memoryat "0*00000001".
The memory could not be "read".
This is the message I get with
most of my games, which use to
work OK with Win98.
My graphics adapter is Voodoo3 2000 PCI,
and when starting some games,
W2k recommends me to install drivers for
Win NT.
All ideas are welcome!
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Have you tried installing Voodoo3 drivers for Win2K?
Many games will not work in Win2K, especially the older ones. They have to be programed to be compatible with Win2K.
Sorry I can't give you a solid answer as to why they won't, but I don't have much knowledge of Win2K.
peterxAuthor Commented:
there are no drivers for w2k yet,
so i´m using w98 drv´s.
I have a dual boot W98 and W2K machine and experienced similar problems.  I have a V3 2000 as well.  After installing the NT drivers for the card it cleared up a lot of my problems.  The biggest problem I am having now, is that most of the games will not recognize the calls W2000 uses for networking so even if you have a working IPX/SPX connection - some newer games won't even recognize it.  Anyway, my point is that installing the NT drivers should fix your problem...  or ar least it did for me.  (I think the card works better in W2K personally) but the win98 drivers don't make the right API calls.

Hope this helps.

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This is the link to the NT drivers for the V3 2000 by the way...

peterxAuthor Commented:
perfect Entropy,
i´ll try installing the NT drivers!
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Listening, since I'm still looking at Win2K in a box; fearful of the lack of driver support.  Since Win2K is to parallel much of the NT environs, one would logically deduce that NT drivers would work.  Interesting information; we're also considering this Voodoo3 card ... have you been pleased with the card otherwise, or is this your first use of the Voodoo3 card?

Did you not have a dual boot option, by the way, for Win98 and Win2K (for the game support options until the drivers for 2K are updated/certified)?


peterxAuthor Commented:
yes I have been really pleased
with the Voodoo adapter,
and yes, I´m considering of reinstalling
W98 and using dual-boot :)
thanks for your tips!
I found a place with  
W2k Voodoo Beta drivers,
and they work fine.
He mentioned on the
page too, that 3DFX are working with
w2k drivers and they should
be out very soon.
Check it out:
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Thank you for the info, Peter.

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