perl file unloaded?

when I click a hyperlink to a perl file using netscape, I got the warning:

netscape: /c/window/temp/ file or folder not found.

the perl file(form using Html and perl) never load, thanks !
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from the file name one can make out that its a temporary file that was created when you tried to download a .pl file.

since the file is temporary, its deleted after its used. in fact, i would go sofar as saying that c:\windows\temp might be the location of your browser cache.

to verify Edit->preferences->Advanced->cache and check the "Disk cache folder" location.

syu1Author Commented:
maneshr: thanks, but how come, the perl file could
not be loaded?
a PERL script is a CGI execuatable. it can only be executed by a web server and that too when its kept in an executable directory.

you just cannot pick up any file and exepect it to be executed. the execution happens ONLY under certain conditions.

otherwise imagine, anybody could place a virus infested .exe file and give you the hyperlink. now if you were to click on it, it would be executed on your PC. Very dangerous!!

move to your web servers cgi directory and then try.
assuming everything else is fine this script will work!!

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