Overclocking a pentium

I read with interest the questions about overclocking, however, I have limited knowledge about.  My questions:
1. Where would I get information about  the clock speeds, bus speeds, multipliers, etc of my computer?
2. How difficult is it to make these changes?
3. I have a H/P 5320 Pentium 150/160 (I am not sure which is correct).  If I can overclock this PC, would it be worth the effort (generally what would be the max CPU speed obtainable)?
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Overclocking....here we go

the difference between a 200mtz chip and a 266 is NOTHING besides how much heat they put out.  They where both created off the same mold the same board and could have even been created at the same time, however the 266 put out less heat.

when you overclock you put all of your system componities at risk (a small risk) of overheating or buring out. it increases the temuture of the processor to above the recommened and if you have a crack in your heat sink that could be real bad.  Again the risk is low but still there and the more you over clock the more risk you run.  

That being said this is how you do it.  Your processor speed is in your bios. When your computer is starting up you can press a button to enter (setup, bios etc.) It is usally f2 or del but I have seen crtl-alt-esc as well, just watch your screen closly.  you will get to your bios, you may have to walk around a bit but it should be in porocessor settings or something like it.  If you are not comferable looking at your bios and walking through it you might want to reconsider overclocking.
You will be able to change the processor speed once you find the settings. again in order to do that read the instructions on the screen all bios are different. I would sugest only overclocking by one setting and see how that runs.  

go back into the bios and set it back (duh) however some of the signs may not be obvious.  If your computer keeps rebooting, if your computer is now freezing when you are running mulitable programs at once. when your cd rom runs and your computer reboots...etc!

I would sugest a ram upgrade and a cleaning of your harddrive before youtry to overclock.  alsoo try defraging it and upgrading to fat 32 if you are not on fat 32.  There are plenty of articals on fat16- fat32 just review windows 98 questions or cnet.com.

Hope this helps
As Always
Mr Happy

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bc4golfAuthor Commented:
Seems like some good info. However, you're asking me to evaluate a subject I know little about so I can only said that the answer sounded OK.  On the other hand not all of my questions were answered.
I don't want to leave you hanging....what did i not answer

Mr happy
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1. it is in the bios
2. not difficult at all
3. the pentium1 could be theoretically over clocked to 266 the pII could be to 400+ and the pIII to 750

These are about the right number some people will say higher but you never want to overclock that high.  I would sugest you do not overclock, generally a small memory upgrade or a defrag or a few other tweak can speed up you computer without the risk of an overclock

Hope This Heklps
As Always
Mr Happy
bc4golfAuthor Commented:
There are no adjustable settings in the BIOS dealing with CPU speed (other than a message stating it 150 MHz).

I defrag pretty regularly and I have RAM
at 96 with a max of 128.  Basically I hear you saying I getting about all I can get from this puppy.
your bios may be so old it does not support overclocking.  WOW that is old....yea i think you might have reached max speed. It's better off I hate overclocking, i generally don't gamble 500-1000 of equipment for a few nanoseconds upgrade

Mr Happy
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