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I have a low memory system, connected via dial up. I've stopped sendmail as it uses too much memory.

Please can I have suggestions for a replacement which:

- runs from tcpwrappers only, no permanently running daemon
- can be kicked to send mail to my ISP's relay when I dial up (sendmail -q)
- small, light, easy to configure

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I can't think of a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) that would run from inetd, on demand. However, if you're willing to completely forgo local mail (which you've effectively done by taking down sendmail) and only use your ISP mail facilities, you could use any one of a number of POP or IMAP clients (pine, Netscape, etc) to read and send mail. You'd configure the client of your choice to retrieve mail via POP or IMAP depending on what your ISP supports and set it to send via SMTP directly to the ISP.
qmail fulfills all possible requirements - it _can_ run from inetd, has a serialmail module (to connect to an ISP via when online) and is quite easy to config.

Look at

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GylesAuthor Commented:

Looks like you do general setup, run qmail-smtpd from inetd  then use the serial mail & relying bits.

Seems good.
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