Localtalk / Ethernet Router

Picture this;
A bunch of old macs, connected up with those PhoneNet things, communicating using appletalk.

Now suppose I want to connect this network to an NT network.

I'd like to achieve this using some form of bridge or router.(as documented in the NT documentation)

Could someone suggest a suitable Localtalk / Ehternet Router that would accomplish this.


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Well, I know Farallon makes a few Localtalk-to-Ethernet bridges, but my experience with these is limited. But I think it's something to look in to. I'd suggest visiting their web site and checking to see if there is any mention of NT compatability.

Use Asante. They make the best one if you need one. But why don't you use ethernet cards in your MACs. Would be much faster.

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Yes, Asante are the best for somethng like this. Be sure that you have services for macintosh installed on you NT server.
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There is a free solution if you have a mac with _both_ a phone-net and ethernet connection.

Apple produce a piece of software called LocalTalk bridge that is actually designed to bridge localtalk printers on to an ethernet network. It works for computers as well. I use it to bridge a localtalk and ethernet network through a Performa 6200. It works fine, and its free.

Try searching for it on Apple's site, it may be under LaserWriter tools. I shall try and find it and post an answer.

Laserwriter bridge is only for connecting a localtalked laserwriter to the ethernet using the mac as a router.

In addition to some kind (see previous suggestions) of localtalk/ethernet bridge you are going to need some way to connect the old mac's to NT/Win env.

One solution (slower but perhaps ok for older macs especially if connected through localtalk) is to load services for mac. An alternative is to load Tursdby's Dave product, a software that allows macs to connect to NT. Open Transport with TCP/IP must be loaded on the macs.
LaserWriter Bridge was later rebuilt to allow any mac to use the bridge. I use it at work!
as i read it the original question was how to put a localtalk network on an NT network.

Laserwriter bridge allows macs on ethernet to see a localtalk printer connected to a particular mac. I've used it several times too.

If the point was for the macs to get onto NT Server vol's or other Win clients doing file/printer sharing then laserwriter bridge wont do anything. Any mac could indeed login into the laserwriter attached to the one mac. But as i understand it that is not the goal.
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