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Does anyone know a way of giving quick response times to users when they interact with a Java applet on a web site? This is because an applet uses many classes that need to be downloaded everytime the user accesses the page. Two suggestions have been that a) the class names are reduced in length and b)create a plugin so that the first time the user uses the site they can download the plugin that will put the class files on the hard drive, making access quicker next time. I was wondering if there were any better suggestions for quicker access. Thank you.
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Have you already make the class files into a JAR file?
Also an obfuscator can reduce the size of that jar file by 50% in some cases.
How much quicker does it need to be?  Are we talking 1+M worth of class files or 50-100k?

If you are dealing with downloading the Swing Classes the plugin solution is the way to go.

Reply with as much info as you can provide.  This will lead to better comments/answers.  Better too much info than too little. (your question kinda falls into the second categories)
JavaJedi012400Author Commented:
We need to make it around 50% quicker. The class files are around 100 - 200k.
Swing classes are not being used so does that mean a plugin would not be necessary. I am not sure what more information you need. To explain more fully what is needed, the applet is interactive, taking the input from the users and changing accordingly. The response needs to be as quick as possible. I hope this would help to give me some more answers.

 Thanks greatly.
One of the solutions would be to split the applet fuctionality into some independed chuncks that could be loaded separately on demand. Also you can do the loading in a separate thread after the applet has started and reacts to users input.
The other is obvious - go through the design of you classes and redesign them :(.

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JavaJedi012400Author Commented:
Thanks, that's been helpful. I think I will be looking all the possibilities you mentioned. Thanks again.
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