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I have a edit control that the users types in a description.  I want to limit their description to 256 characters.  I want the visible capability of a 'text area' tag that allows scrolling and multiple rows, with the 'maxlength' attribute of a 'text' tag.  To put it another way I want a 'Textarea' with a maxlength of 256 characters. Any suggestions?
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I am not aware of any such attribute in the textarea tag, though you  can look into http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/ for the latest draft of HTML 4.0

try this

function checklen() {
   if (document.myform.test.value.length > 256) {
        alert('limit to 6 lines only');
        return false;
        return true;


<form name="myform">
<textarea name="test" cols="40" rows="5" wrap="physical" onblur="return checklen()"></textarea>

the text will wrap around by itself and 40*6 = 240 chars will be allowed with the javascript function


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You could also use on the onKeyPress event of the textarea, and then call a javascript function that would check the length, and not let it get any bigger.  This way, text after 256 chars wouldn't even be displayed.

:) dapperry
you could check in the recieving page the length of the string and if it exceeded
the limit then inform the user...

this could be used as a
non-javascript-enabled-browser solution...


<cfif #len(nameofstring)# GT 256>
string too big!!!
wills1300Author Commented:
This works very well.  I tried the other suggestion about using the onkeypress event.  I like how it only lets you type in 256 characters and no more, but it would not be invoke if someone pasted in a some text, and once you hit the 256 char, you can hit the 'backspace' button to erase because the JS message would appear.

Thanks everyone.
Yeah I guess you would want to use both the onKeyPress and onBlur events.  Glad it works Ok for you.

:) dapperry
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