(ADDRESS =
        (PROTOCOL = TCP)
        (HOST = = 1527)
        (CONNECT_DATA = (SID = xxxxxx)

When the SQL Server client attempts to connect to the Oracle database I receive an error message stating that there is "no listener".  I believe the problem is that Oracle is listening on port 1527 but the client is calling using port 1521 even though the tnsnames.ora file has port = 1527.

When I use the tnsnames.ora file within my company's network the 1527 port works fine.  When I use the tnsnames.ora configuration file from outside my company's network it fails because when the connection traverses the firewall somehow port 1521 is used.  My understanding is that port 1521 is the Oracle default/standard.

My question is, what can I do to make the client call the server using port 1527 which is what the server is listening on?

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Ron WarshawskyCommented:


1. Verify you don't have 2 tnsnames.ora file in the system. Rename all, but one in $ORAHOME/net8 directory.

2. Try to use TNSPING <service_name> to verify connectivity.

3. If tnsping works but connect failes, verify with network people, if any IP conversion is done on Firewall. ORACLE Tcp/ip does not supports IP/port conversions. If this is the case, than Consider using ORAPIPE to connect.


P.S. If this will not work, feel free to reject my answer and see, if others can help.


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Please provide the Oracle error code that you get.  Your assumption about port numbers may or may not be correct.
verify these settings


especially the last one. this one has to point to your tnsnames.ora
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There was similar Q like this in the PAQ section. You might want to look into it too.
But some general things to consider as pointed out by the previous comments.
1. Once you dial into your company's network, first try to use the ping x.x.x.x command and check whether its successfull. If the command is return "request time out" message then the problem would be with the network.
2. Verify that the tnsnames.ora file has the proper service name settings. SID,PORT,HOST ( according to your comment this should have proper values )
3. I assume you must be using your comp or laptop to log on and running a version or Windows OS. if this is the case, then there cannot be two tnsnames.ora file in the same directory.
4. Run regedit and check your TNS_ADMIN is set to the proper directory ( typically it would be ORACLE_HOME\Net80\Admin directory)
5. Run the tnsping <servicename> to check whether its successfull.
6. When you get the message "no listener", the first thing you would check is whether the listener is running at the time you are trying to connect.

Hope this leads somwhere near the problem.

You might also try changing the HOST parameter to the ip address of the machine and test it.

MelvinAuthor Commented:
I have what I want and all your comments led to the resolution of my problem.  After reading all that each of you wrote I began looking at the tnsname.ora file.  What I found was that the file wasn't in the "path".  After including the directory orant\net80\admin in the path, everything worked fine.

Is there some way for you guys to share the points?

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Glad that your problem got solved.

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