Using NSLOOKUP on Unix how can I find the names and IP addresses of :

1) The name servers at a specific site
2) The top level root servers
3) 2 name servers for a specific country (eg France)
4) 2 names servers for EDU and COM domains (for the US)
5) all of the hosts on a given network

Also are there any good internet guides on how to use NSLOOKUP ?

I would be grateful for all help offered regarding this.

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You are stuck....

(If I may say it sounds like a Uni assignment....)

1. This is OK.

type in the name, you will probably be a non-authoritative answer.
(set querytype=ANY)


server 'the_server'

.....job done

2. Read some DNS RFC

3. Read some DNS RFC addendum

4. blah

5. ls <domain> but nobody supports that cos its a security stupidity.!
Taking your tasks in order:

1) "nslookup -query=ns server.com." will return all nameservers for server.com.

2) "nslookup -query=ns ." returns all the nameservers for the top-level domain.

3) "nslookup -query=ns fr." to get nameservers for France. Well it gets more than two, but surely you could just pick two that you like.

4) "nslookup -query=ns com." for the COM domain, EDU ought to be obvious.

5)  If the remote dns allows it, you can list out the names in a domain with nslookup in interactive mode, like:

levie> nslookup
> ls some-dom.com
  <a list of hosts/IP's shows up here>

The man pages for nslookup will tell you quite a bit about its capabilities, and you can find out a lot more about nslookup and DNS in general in "DNS and BIND" (O'Rielly & Associates).

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The above answer is probably absolutely correct....  But I'm really lazy.


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