HOTWO: Logout of NT authentication?

I have an ASP application which is secured using NT security, so that visitors to the web site receive a popup window in which they have to enter an NT username and password when visiting the site.  Normally this browser instance then stays instantiated 'forever' - i.e. until it is terminated.

Question: I've been asked if it is possible to implement a logout button, with the effect that when the button is clicked, the browser loses its NT authentication, and if they visit the site again later, they would have to re-enter the NT username and password.  Is this possible, and if so how?



PS IIS4, Win NT 4.0 + SP3, ASP application written with VBScript.
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Sorry, you can't without closing the browser - as you found out, already.

You may login, and logout, for an MS Exchange account, but not for NT security.

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MiruAuthor Commented:
Hmmm, that is what I thought.  I was really hoping someone might tell me different!
MiruAuthor Commented:
I'll leave this open a bit longer, just in case something comes up that niether of us know!
What has been said is correct.

But you can to some extent force the re-entry of the password.

This is quite complex to do and there is a PAQ that covers this which is Q.10152139

MiruAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info - I thought this was the case, but wanted a second opinion.
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