How do I save a SELECT list client side?

I've built an ASP application which has a page which generates a long HTML <SELECT> list which is passed back to the browser.  Since the <SELECT> list may consist of many hundred  entries (and is always the same, although other elements on the page will vary), it could take quite a long time to transfer over a modem.  

My question is, is there a way that I could save some of these downloads.  In particular, if a browser visits this page more than once (or for that matter anoither page that needs the same select list), I'm wondering if it's possible to work things so that on the first visit to the page, the "<SELECT><options></SELECT>" list is transferred, then maintained in the browser (stored via JavaScript?), and then on subsequent visits to the page, no transfer is done, but rather the browser stored string is used.  Is this possible?  What's a good way of going about it?



Versions: IIS4, aiming for a solution with NN 4 and IE4.
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mgfranzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't save data other than with cache or cookies to a client browser... if you can cache this list or create a cookie that may contain the data your'e out of luck.
 Just a thought, you couldn't use an applet on the page to display the choices rather than a select box and have the applet download all the choices in the background?
  It might speed up the loading of the page, although you'd need something sitting on the server to transfer the data..
In fact , you can try client side include.

put in b.html

<Script Language="JavaScript" Src="initarray.asp"></Script>

then the array generated will be save in the browse cache if so that every time the browse visit the html and reference initarray.asp it will try the cache first.

in initarray.asp you can generate javascript to initial the long array.

I think it may work in some cases.

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I don't think you can include an asp file using that JS src option.

MiruAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the confirmation - I thought so too, but wanted to check
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