Text not comming up bold

I'm working on a site now and the client claims that he can't see text in a bold style on the page.  I've tried both the "<B>" command and the "<STRONG>" command, but he only sees it as regular text.

This seems really strange to me.  It's the first time I've heard of anything like this.  

He is using Communicator 4.7, I belive on a Mac.

Thanks for any advice!
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Mark FranzProject ManagerCommented:
Can he override the browser settings like in IE or NN for windows?  Have him check the Appearence, Fonts tag under preferences for "override page settings".  This is the only way I know of to disable font tags.
Maybe the fontset he uses on mac just doesn't have the BOLD version...So the browser picks an alternate font from the same family. Try using a font that is standard on MAC and is supporting BOLD.
What font face you are using, do you use some font face that just available on your machine but not on him.

This thing will have if you are using windows and the other side using unix, mac or other OS. Or you are using some fonts just install in your system.

Normally, we will specify three font face in the face parameter e.g.

<font face="Verdana,Arial,Helv" size=2>

One more thing, do you using style sheet to specify the font of the page, it may cause problem because the style in IE have different syntax in NS.

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mcneilAuthor Commented:
No, I'm not using style sheets.  The font I'm specifying is Arial, size="2".  Additionally he says that he is seeing this on his home system, and his work system, both running communicator 4.7. I'm running 4.5 with no probs.

You can check the pages out for yourself at www.earthtalk.com/strategixid2 on both the home page and the contact page.  He sees the bold text as just plain arial. (Or at least that's the way he explains it... I haven't seen this with my own eyes.  He is a designer though, so it's not just ineptitude... ;-)

Wierd!  This is the way 95% of all pages define their text, so it seems strage to me!

Thanks for your help!

Mark FranzProject ManagerCommented:
I doubt the font set cares whether it see's the <b> or not, if you are specifying the font type, and the fontset is installed on the Mac, (it does support Arial doesn't it?) the font will display.  I found a few articles that might lead to a resolution;


Not being a Mac guy I can't be much help there...

It's funny though, running the contacts page through www.w3c.org validator revealed many errors, yet running it through NetMechanic, http://beta.netmechanic2.com/compat.cgi?f=4113349-17114&p=1&vi=0&s=NetMechanic&fv=4&lr=4&ld=7.82&hw=1 revealed no serious errors.

I thing there is something going on with his Mac's...

I viewed the source code on the contact page since using NN4.7 on my PC I didn't see any bold text. This is what I found ... several closing tags for bold
</b>  but they were never opened <b> you have breaks <BR> text</b> and then on with the code ....
Mark FranzProject ManagerCommented:
sebanta, you need glasses...

<!--Formatting Table for Large Purple and Orange cells ...
<FONT SIZE=2 COLOR="#FFFFFF" FACE="Arial"><B>Strategix ID Inc.<BR>
619 North Church Avenue<BR>
Bozeman, Montana USA. 59715-3009<BR>
te. 406.585.7909 fax. 406.587.8337<BR>

This is from the contact page, looks like the <b> is there...

Don't post an answer unless it is a solution.
when I viewed source it was missing ... I did bother to also run it thorugh the w3c validator which also found the unopened </b> tags ...
mcneilAuthor Commented:
Well, I haven't made any changes to the page since this quesiton was posted...  I'll run it through another validator and get back to yall....


Mark FranzProject ManagerCommented:
Closing tags are for the most part ignored by the browser, if you forget closing tags thats another story...

I don't see anything majorly wrong with the pages other than the fact that the fonts are not bold on Mac.
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mcneilAuthor Commented:

What are you talking about?  The reason why the soloution was incorrect was posted by mgfranz, not me.  I posted that there handn't been the changes sebanta thought there might be.  I was just telling him because people need to know that for the troubleshooting process.

Sorry if anyone was offended.  I really appreciate everyones help... perhaps the messages are being misconstrued as being personal????

Anyway,  sebanta,  I really appreciate you looking into  it.  As I mentioned before, I'm going to run it through another validator to see if I can track down a possible missing <B> tag.

Mark FranzProject ManagerCommented:
mcneil, the comment by Ian was directed at me not you, regarding my statement os Susan needing glasses.  I have since apologized to her and we are best friends again... ;-)

Anyway, I don't think the issue is with a missing <b>, I think it is more with the font types on the Mac, I have looked at the page in both IE and NN and the blod is just fine, if you were missing a <b>, you wouldn't see any at all.  Your question is why the bold doesn't show up on a Mac.
I just had a mac friend check out your page.  He's using
communicator 4.7 and he did not see the headings in bold.
He did say that at font size 2, the text doesn't
display bold.  he is also a designer.

mcneil, i'm not sure my comment was stated clearly.
My friend's statement was that the browser never displays
bold when the font size is 2 or less.


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yes Mark and I are just fine .. but I am viewing on a PC with NN4.7  and
I don't see the BOLD either .. but when I took a code snippet and put the bold tags in around the text inside the <BR> tags it worked fine in NN4.7 doing a preview of the dummy page with your snippet inserted .. we may have discovered a new bug here ... I have to agree with all that has been
said about the font display on MACS and using a wider choice of fonts for simple compatabily ...
Mark FranzProject ManagerCommented:
Everything you have <b> tags around on your pages displays fine in NN4.7 and IE 4.5...

mcneilAuthor Commented:
Well, I think the problem is just with the font size.  Indeed, communicator 4.7 with font size=2 and face=arial will NOT show bold.

Thanks for your help everyone.  I'm going to redo it with style sheets and see if that makes a difference.


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