Not sure about bus speed.

I'm about to buy a new mother-board with a PII process with 100 MHz bus speed.  I currently have a 8 GB hard drive that is not UDMA compliant.  Will my hard drive work with the 100 MHz system bus speed?  I'm not sure how the HD controller ties into the system bus.  Also, just out of curiosity, are all PCI devices capable of running at 100 MHz bus speed?

Are there any web sites that explain this is great detail? I'm very interested in loosing my newbie personna.
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Dont worry about anything! Just connect everything and let the BIOS in your Motherboard take care of everything! If that does not help, let windows 95 detect it automatically. Better still, go for Windows 98 which has more drivers and is compatible with most of the Non-UDMA hardware!

Your Hard Disk will work in the 100 MHz Bus Speed because the System Bus Speed is 100 MHz. PCI devices communicaten through PCI Bus which is generally half the speed of the System Bus! ( Ur case it is 50 MHZ). HDD is not a PCI Device as it is connected through the IDE Connector on the Board! It will work normally!

Not all PCI devices can run at 100 MHz. Devices following PCI DEVICE SPECIFICATION VERSION 2.1 can safely run upto 66 MHz. PCI bUs speed will always be half the system bus speed!
jamesclancyAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Do you know were I can find some additional information?
Check up the website of the Hard Disk manufacturer.


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An extremely good source of info is Tom's hardware,
He has been around for ages and knows his stuff.

The PCI devices on a motherboard run at 33 Mhz whether your Motherboard is 66, 100 or even 133 (new PIII boards). The multiplier is set according to the board ie 2x or 3x for 66 or 100. If you over clock your chip then you will affect your bus speed ie in the old days putting a 266 celeron running  @ 66Mhz to 400 @ 100 changed the pci devices accordingly. Be warned you can fry the chip!
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