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We have an old windows 95 box about 5 years old. The mouse has finally given up the ghost. Originally it was a two button microsoft serial mouse.

I've got a spare logitech mouse-man with a psII connector. Can I adapt the mouse-man's connector so that win95's plug and play will recognize it
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If you have a PS-2 Connector on your Computer, then You can connect your mouse with the PS-2 Interface into it! Before doing it, take care to remove the old mouse physically and from the device manager tab from the Control Panel Properties! Your Windows 95 will automatically detect it!

If you dont have a PS-2 connector, then you can buy a converter and fix it! It will also solve your problem!
mercytomAuthor Commented:
Yet, it doesn't seem to solve the problem. where does that leave me?
> where does that leave me?

In the market for a new serial-port mouse.
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mercytomAuthor Commented:
Thanks Otta. I guess I should have been looking for a serial port mouse in the first place. Serial port devices aren't really compatible with PS2 mice. This was just my observation. Otta, if you'd care to acknowledge it, i'll give you the points.

Hey !
I don't know how well you know computers so I'm going to explain everything as if you didn't know anything.
First of all,
Do you have a PS2 mouse connector?
I you do, check to see if it is connected to your motherboard.
If it is, connect your PS2 mouse to it and turn on your computer.
Windows should detect and install it.
I Windows doesn't detect it, download the driver at on another computer.
Install the drivers and see what happens.
If it doesn't work, edit your autoexec.bat and put the line c:\path\mouse.exe (path is the directory where you installed the mouse drivers)
at the end.
Restart your computer and before windows starts hit the F8 key and choose the step by step confirmation choice (answer yes to everything). Check if mouse.exe detects something.
If it doesn't, it's either your mouse, either your PS2 port that doesn't work.

Then, the options are:
-Buy a PS2->DB9 adapter (and do the same as above) but watch out!!!
If your Logitech mouse is a bulk version (nothing is written on the top of the mouse), is will not work: Logitech does that on purpuse (so that people would buy "in a box" versions instead of bulk versions) if that's the case try to find on old serial mouse on an old PC that someone thows away.
-Buy an "in the box" version of a Logitech mouse (which are sold with the DB9 adapter in the box)

There you go. Have I earned the points?

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MercyTom, there is an "accept comment as answer" button, if you want to use it -- your choice.
All you need to do is plug it in and install a serial mouse driver.
mercytomAuthor Commented:
I took it straight to the manufacturer of the mouse. No way can you adapt it's USB-->PS2 to a Db9. end of question
> I've got a spare logitech mouse-man with a psII connector.

Darwin, how did this "evolve" into a mouse with a USB adapter?
mercytomAuthor Commented:
Comes standard now Watson. USB attached to Ps2 adapter.They discontinued the ps2-db9. Serial mice in that brand and model are now extinct. There is a wireless serial model....

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