ADF not working

I have a new 6350 with ADF.  I scanned two sets of documents of approximately 10 pages each.  A page jammed during second set scanning.  Cleared jam per instructions.  I then tried scanning a third set of documents.  The documents now will not feed--it starts to feed and then abruptly stops after approx 5 mm of paper feed.  Message appears indicating a jam.  The question is "Is there something in the ADF that needs to be 'reset' to allow the documents to resume feeding after a jam?"
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try this

ISSUE: Clearing a paper jam in the HP ScanJet Scanner's Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).

SOLUTION: Use the following steps to clear paper jams from the ADF:

1. Move the ADF lever to the #1 position.

2. Hold both sides of the top section of the ADF (just in front of the label) and lift firmly.

3. Hold both sides of the paper tray and lift.

4. Pull out the paper.

5. Close the paper tray and ADF lid.
larry021000Author Commented:
The problem is NOT jammed paper.  As I indicated in my original question, I cleared the jam as described in the ADF manual (as described above), but the problem is that now the ADF will not feed paper.  It starts to feed for approx 5-10 mm and then stops.  An error message appears indicating a jam, but it is NOT jammed--I can remove the paper with no problem.  The problem is that it will now NOT FEED the paper.  Is there something that needs to be reset or whatever, in order to get this brand new, used for only two "feeding sessions" and that is now not working, to start working again??  Thanks.
Isolate the power make sure it is plugged direct to the wall....

open the adf area there should be some microswitches there look for pieces of plastic sticking out that look like a lever or something... move them around push then in and out make sure none of them are binding...

if you have already done all of this then shutdown the pc and the printer for 5 minutes reboot and try again saem error occurs then it sounds like a microswitch went bad and is not making proper contact

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larry021000Author Commented:
Playing with the microswitches appeared to work--there was one that was "up" and the rest were "down"--moving that one down took care of the problem and all is well.

Thanks for the help--appreciate it.

Larry Bush
your welcome :)
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