Blast from the past Apple IIgs

Hello all!

I recently aquired an old Apple IIgs (yes, I said recently) and would like to fix it up as a Hobbie.  However, I know very little about it!  I have spent long hours trying to find information on various software but have been unable to determine what OS can run on it (other than the ROM).  So if anyone will be able to tell me what OS can run on it and where I can still get a copy please let me know!

I'm also looking for an HD to install on it, anyone have any specs on that?  I was recently givin a "Quantum Trailblazer" 500meg(??) hard disk, apparently a SCSI HD controller card is needed.  Do I need a special kind of hard drive too?

Any other GOOD sources of general information would also be greatly appreciated.


--Zabman :-)
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The GS can run on a boot disk, but if you want an operating system, look for GS/OS.  Just like Mac.  Good Luck!

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they make a scsi card for the gs, youll need a 50-pin scsi card. look on the internet to buy it.
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