ELF object file format info.

Can some one tell me some web sites where I can find detailed description of ELF object file format and its comparison with other file formats like COFF and PE and others.

Any help/information about the said topic will be highly appreciated.
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creative12Author Commented:
Dear njjewell
Thanks a lot for your answer. It is of great help. Now I have info about formats.

The only thing that remains is that I want to know whether any one has done any comparison study of ELF and COFF. Actually I am to write a linker and want to use the file format that is scalable and flexible.

Any help would be appreciated
Sorry, I don't know of any "comparisons".

In response to your original question also have a look at: http://www.ifi.unizh.ch/richter/people/pilz/oct/#ObjectFiles
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