MDAC 2.1 and Access 97

I'm working with an app that uses Access 97 as database and is written in VB 6.0. The problem is updating from MDAC 2.0 to MDAC 2.1. Suddenly the ability to update and change recordsets is gone. VB "talks" about problems with the ODBC connection and ISAM. I have not written the app myself in the first place so it's even harder for me to find the solution. The fact is however that the app works just fine with MDAC 2.0 but the company I'm working for definitly want it to work with 2.1 too. Is there any answer to this question?

Help me please! I have been sitting here for a week now. Help!!!
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The code used to open the file needs to be slightly changed to reflect the new provider used by MDAC 2.1 (OLEDB 4.0).

ie.  Adodc1.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" ...

However, once changed,  MDAC 2.1 will need to be  installed on all machines.

MDAC 2.0 installed provider was Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51.


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Check the following info page as it has a complete description of your problem...

INFO: Troubleshooting Guide for 80004005 & Other Error Messages
ID: Q183060
cessanAuthor Commented:
My problem is now solved. I found some useful information on Microsoft's self support pages. MDAC 2.1 and Jet 4.0 can only open an Access design master or replica database in Access 97 format in read only mode. I wanted to update the replicas too, but in order to both read and write with ODBC I only have two options; either converting the database to Acess 2000 format or dropping back to MDAC 2.0. So now we are dropping back with the old version and then I will develop a new app that will be using Access 2000. Not a very nice thing to do Microsoft...

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