Hide VBA code in Excell

Is it possible to hide VBA code that I have created for an Excell spread sheet.
I don't want that the user/client look into the code.

Thanks in advance
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Hi RDevriend,

You can hide the code by assigning a password to your VBAProject.
To do that, go to the Visual Basic Editor, look for your project (in Project Explorer, VBAProject (YourFile.xls)), right-click on project and select 'VBA Project Properties', go to Tab Protection and finally check the box 'Lock Project for viewing' and enter your password twice'. Click OK, save the file, and re-open it to see if it works (it will only apply after you save the file).

Good luck

Yes, you can lock your project - in VBA editor press Service-Properties of ...xls, choose tab Protection, check Lock project and type in your password. (menu items names could be different - I use non-English version of Excel).
Hope it helps
You can also change the color of the code. but I would prefer  the previous 2 methods.
rdevriendAuthor Commented:
Thanks calacuccia, it works!
I am just a beginner in VBA, so I did not knew that it was so simple.

Sorry, vboukhar, you answer was the same, but calacuccia's was a slightly bit better explained.

(By the way, I accepted this answer already a few days ago, but appearently it did not came through, so it is here again).
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