Universal CD-ROM driver

Is there a Universal CD-ROM driver to put in config.sys for conventional IDE-CD-ROM ?

Is something special necessary to deal with a 24CDROM-2CDR-2CDWR if the only needed functionality is CDROM ?
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Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
You betcha:


Has to be a standard ATAPI cd-rom drive, not some cheap knock off that goes through a sound card (aka Packard Bell! =) )

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PhLAuthor Commented:
For W95 it is ...

I will try !

BTW is there a software way to prevent audio output (even phone output to this drives) ?

Mine is desesperately silent !
Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
Windows 9x comes with its own protected drivers for the cd-rom, and Windows will load these drivers and control the cd-rom itself *IF* you have a busmastering chip.  Otherwise, these are universal DOS cd-rom drivers that will allow you to load the cd-rom in DOS and Windows.

I'm not sure what you mean by your second question, are you asking why you don't get audio on your cd-rom or are you asking if there is software that can mute audio to the cd-rom????
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PhLAuthor Commented:
It works nicely under DOS 6.22 with "your" driver !

I was able to play and HEAR an Audio CD !

However under W95 AudioCDs look like they play but nothing is to be heard (even trying to force x1 speed) !

What is this sync data option you cvan choose or not ?
Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
Sync data is a setting for older computers that helps when the audio and video get out of sync.

For the audio cd, sounds like a driver issue to me.  My first thought would be the audio cable that runs from the cd to the sound card, but if you are getting audio in DOS, that's not it.
PhLAuthor Commented:
It seems that the read speed is not x1 so the CD doesn't let the data go through the audio output...

Still waiting an answer from the manufacturer !
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