Running a Servlet as .exe or .dll

I noticed a feature in Visual Age that allows the compilation of platform independant bytecode code into platform specific code.
Is it possible to do this with servlets? So my servlet and associated beans run as .exe or .dll?
How would i go about fitting the resulting *.exe into my App Server?
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As far as I remember this technology they use in VA emerged from HPJC (High Performance Java Compiler) that originally was designed exactly for that purpose you talk about.
So you write in java compile it into platform specific code and get a common CGI like application. And you treaty it just like CGI...
> Is it possible to do this with servlets?

you can.
but you'd better not. after all servlets are designed to be web server extensions.
blairdyeAuthor Commented:
>So you write in java compile it into platform >specific code and get a common CGI like >application. And you treaty it just like CGI...

so i compile a servlet and its related beans into a .exe... and then? How do I run it like a CGI?
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> ... and then?

and then - nothing
you have to WRITE a CGI (CGI is common gateway interface) - servlets ARE NOT CGI SCRIPTS - they are CGI replacement.
Well, first heyhey is definately right saying that "servlets" are not CGI scripts. They implement a Servlet interface and server uses its methods to get and post data to servlet. When you speak about compiled (.exe) code you can call it from your html as usual but it is not going to be a servlet anymore in a sense that the server won't use those sevlet methods to communicate with your code. I beleive standard input/output streams will be used.
So to summarize: 1) You _cannot_ make you _servlet_ as an .exe file
2) You still _can_ use VA java to make CGI scripts.

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no need to go over all that has been already said here but think about it this way.

Currently your Web Server calls the doGet and doPost methods that you have over ridden in your servlet in response to a HTTP GET and POST request,
The server also provides the Request and Response context objects that you use to respond to the client.

Suppose you do create an exe from a then do you expect to
handle all this??

BOTTOM LINE....refer to techtime's comment!!.

>> 2) You still _can_ use VA java to make CGI scripts.

as I already said :)
'you can.
but you'd better not.'

btw. it won't be easy, because CGI scripts rely on environment variables and
(class System) public static String getenv(String name) is deprecated in Java 1.1 (and it does NOT work)
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