win 95 to 98 delete partions format H.D. need help

I am a little rusty on doing this

I have a system that has two hard drives...the primary is only 600mb the secondary is 6.4 GB with 4 partions on it 3 2.0 GB partions and 1 400MB partion....

what i need to do is make the 6.4GB drive the primary drive take all of the partions off of it and put only a boot partion on it since it will be the primary  

I am not sure how to do this could someone explain in full detail how to do this and what exactly I need to do this...

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1.  Create a bootable Floppy disk, and copy the, fdisk.exe, and files form the \windows\command directory to the floppy.

2.  Either remove the current primary drive, or modify your switches to make it slave and the large one master.(I'm assuming they are IDE drives).

3.  Boot your machine from the floppy drive and run fdisk.  It should show you the partitions on the disk and allow you remove them.  After this you can create a new primary dos partion.  Once you exit it will tell you to reboot your machine.

4.  Reboot your machine from the floppy, and format your c: drive...

5.  At this point you should have what you want, and can load your OS.
change the cable on 6.4 to the 600mb and the 600 to the 6.4 and go in setup and have comp to redetect harddrives or set to auto detect ( the auto detect would probly be best )

#2 after you change that use  win98 startup disk and boot comp with it,
as it boots it will give option to boot with cdrom support or no cdrom support choose no cdrom support then at a: type fdisk and enter
when prompted choose large disk support
type Y then enter
then a menu will come up #1 through 5
click #4 and read to make sure we are reading the 6.4 hd then hit esc
click #3 delete ,#3lodigal drives,enter
select the last drive letter and enter then the next and enter until there are no drive letters
hit esc ,select #3 delete extended partition and enter,hit esc select #3 delete #1 primary partition ,enter then hit esc and reboot
go back to fdisk and when asked enable large disk support answer yes , enter,
then hit #1 create primary partition and enter ,it will ask if you want to make the whole disk as a primary partition and make it active answer yes,then hit esc. reboot back to A:
at A: type format/s this will make hd bootable after that reboot with starup disk and choose boot with cdrom support and at A: go to your cdrom (should be E: ) and with your win98 cd in the drive type setup

p.s make sure you have a startup disk before you do this ,a win95 boot disk will work as long as it has fdisk,  and cdrom drivers , best to use win98
sorry vandamme
your comment wasnt showing when i typed this
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I am assuming those drives are master and secondary master , if not you will have to change jumpers from slave to master on 6.4
it would work best if they are 6.4  master and 600mg as secondary master with cdrom slaved to primary drive
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
is the same option available on win95 as win98 because I currently have win98 loaded on the system but it is an upgrade when I format the system we are going to have to load win 95 first then win98 upgrade is there a cd-rom support option in win95 (i do not think so from what I remeber ) but let me know
go to add/romove programs and click on start up disk and make your self a win98 startup disk then when it comes time to load os install the win98 upgrade and when it does the upgrade compliance  ,take out win98 cd and put in 95 cd and let it check it then it will tell you to put the win98 cd back in  and go on installing , its called a clean install and works much better than installing win95 then upgrading to win98
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
so it will prompt me to swap disks ?
no it wont prompt you it will search for a upgrade complance and you put in 95 cd and browse it to the cd then win98 checks cd and then it says reinsert the win98 cd ( its easy ,try it )
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
ok i hope it works if it works I'll give you the point i am doing it this weekend
Well done trekie1!

I think vandamme should withdraw his/her answer given that it was hardly complete and there was no effort for follow through.
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
I just realized the win95 is on diskettes not cd-rom   what procedure do I use now the sane as above or do I need to change it ?
Put the 1st diskette of win95 in the floppy drive and browse to it when you get prompted for win95,
Should give you the same results.
On certain Win95 versions and disk issues you may need to use disk #3 for verification.
Better have the full disk set handy, I have had it ask for each and every disk in the set (13)
PS that may not apply if you have the disk set made from the cab files on some OEM's computers that makes a 30 disk set. I have never worked with them so I have no idea.
Brian, please reject the proposed answer to reopen this question..thanks!
how is the install going  brian ???
vandamme changed the proposed answer to a comment
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
Okay I was able to install win98 amazingly it did not ask for any of the diskettes and it was the 98 upgrade.... of course though the operating system of win958 was on the c drive which was the smaller one until i switched the cables then it became d: i think win98 found it on that drive that is why it never asked for the diskettes...

however that all went find but now I am having problems with the audio...when I try to use midi sequencer or any other audio device you can only hear the sound if you turn up the speakers all the way checked audio properties switched around perferred devices... windows intially detected the audio card as unknown device downloaded and installed the drivers for the cmm8110 audio card I believe that was the model of the audio card...

any ideas ?

also a umax scanner attached to the system upon bootup establishes communication if it does not it locks up the system until it fails out
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
the audio has allot of static also music cd's dop not play I think it is a problem with the cd-rom drive though it does read the disk shows the track time but nothing plays....
Brian, for now remove the Umax from the system. Later, down load the patch from Umax for Win98 to fix the problem. Let's concentrate on getting the basic system up and running properly. Boot the system into safemode and then go into device manager and expand each area. Look for duplicates or even multiples of the same devices. If you find any, then remove all and then reload that device. Let me know how you make out. If there's still a problem with the sound, we can concentrate on that.
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
no duplicates.... but when it listed unknown devices there were serveral unknown's in the system... I found the driver for the audio card and used thopse drivers for all the unknown's should I deleted all of the audio items  out of device manager and let PNP try to reinstall it ?
Yes, get rid of all of the unknowns and try and sort them out as to what they are.
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
what I basically did is when I saw the unknown it said for the audio card I assumed all of them were related to the audio card they all were except for the video game port controller... what I did is downloaded there driver for the audio card aparently they have multiple inf files because I went into device manager selected unknown hit the plus sign next to it when to update driver pointed it to the directory where the downloaded file for the soundcard was and it installed the first intial soundcard driver then repeated this step over and over until all of the unknowns were gone and I eneded up with different drivers one being a soundblaster 16 driver and two midi sequencer drivers and 2 other ones that I do not remeber what they were wait one was a gameport so I forget the 5th driver but appraently the download had multiple inf files
Okay, so how is the system now? At what state is it in presently?
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
everything is running except when you try to play a midi file even if you turn the speaker all the way up enable the sound through the volume control all the way up you have to put your ear up to the speaker to hear it and it is very distored fuzzy, static like....the windows sounds do not play like when you click on something and it dings... however when the pc boots up and it lets out with the one beep with the speakers turned all the way up it is loud other then that though it is as above.... the only thing that has a conflict in the device manager is the power management i think code 10 or code 23 is what is showing up
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
cd's do not play either (music ones) the cd-rom drive though i think is a seperate problem all together because you have open and close the door several times to get it to read the cd i think the cd-rom is going back and whatever converts audio signal in it is bad   I could be wrong though
Brian, there's nothing posted that identifies your sound card. What do you have?
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
cmm8110 audio  i believe is the model it is cmm something it might be 8130 or 3110 but that is what it is identified from
are you up and running yet brian
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
I have to go over to the house where the pc is at this weekend and fix the sound it is all messed up midi does not play right audio cd's do not play yet video game cd's install and can play music .... is the cd-player a problem with playing music cd's or is it the drivers and the system   the cd player I believe is a soundblaster 24x cd-rom ... even though midi does not sound right and audio cd's do not play although the track time runs... it does play music from an online game called Lineards i think that is how it is spelled
go to control panal /addromove programs/win setup and check the multimedia and see if every thing is checked
also check the settings in control panal/multimedia      

 p.s might need mediaplayer update from win98 update page
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
already tried that except for the mediaplayer update check volume controls etc... nothing seems to makle a darn difference
well it must be the sound card drivers ,from the ## that u posted it sounds like a c-media card of some sort (sound pro or something like that) maybe you can go to this page and get the right one most of their sound cards require a updated driver for win98
Brian, when you go over there, take a set of headphones with you. There should be a port on the front of the CD Rom drive. Plug the earphones in there and play a music CD. If it plays fine, that should rule out the CD player.
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
dennis good idea boy I guess I overlooked the obvious on that one can i get a homer simpson duh for myself on that one....

trekie1 i will check c media out thanks

i will keep you both posted
brian is it sounding off yet

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Member_2_49692Author Commented:
ok dennis and trekie1    I guess at this point there are no more issues with the sound because someone else went over to the house and fooled around with it no idea what they did I wish i knew so I could learn from it but anyways this one is done so I am going to close it out and I will post a seperate question for your help dennis
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
thanks for all your help trekie1
any time     James
Thanks Brian!
Member_2_49692Author Commented:
your welcome dennis
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