Form headlines depend on contents in the database


Does anyone have suggestions how we automatically can create a form with different numbers of subheadline depending on how many subheadlines there actually are in the database?
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What do you mean by ''headline'' or ''subheadline''?  These are (AFAIK) not familiar terms in the Notes world.
seko22anAuthor Commented:
One example

1. Manipulating Data
1.1 Database Design
1.1.1 SQL

A lot of text

1.1.2 Access

More text

1.2 Presenting Data


All above is stored in a DominoDatabase with headlines stored separately. The headlines is presented in a view and when a user clicks on a row in the view a form is open, scrollable to the topmost headline but focus is at the right subheadline.

The number pf subheadlines is not static, i e i can vary from one to perhaps twenty or more

It's easy to do with HTML but maybe its hard in Notes?
Create a Keyword field with the option use forluma for choices then inculde this :-
db := @Subset(@DbName;1):@LeftBack(@Subset(@DbName;-1);"\\")+"/Yr_Space.nsf";
lookup := "Cat List";
list1 := @DbLookup("":"NoCache";"";"($Setup)";lookup;"TextList");
list2 := @Unique(@DbColumn("":"NoCache";db;"All Messages";2));
list :=list1: list2;

Yr_Space is the database used

All Messages is the view used with col 2 having the sub heading in ;

We have found that it can be helpfull to have sum preset Subheaders to inculde this as well you will need a setup document with a field call TextList which has a textlist sorted in it.

($Setup) is a hide view sort by document name this is the used by lookup variable to find the right document. (Cat List) as above.

I hope this is help ???

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