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I have a cluster running Redhat 6.0 ontop of kernel 2.2.5-15smp i686.  I want to configure the cluster to use channel bonding since I have two network cards on each node and two switches.  I was under the misconception that Linux 6.0 came with the kernel option to enable channel bonding.  How do I configure my kernel and my cluster for channel bonding?
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Hi morgan bear,

first channel bonding is not a easy thing.

So first your switches need to support port aggregation or port truncing or load balancing or how ever the manufactor ever will call this. You will find some whitepapers about this theme at cisco's or HP's server sites.
There they explain what SourceAdress (SA), DestinationAdress(DA),  SA/DA and managed truncing is. Servers ususly use the DA (the tcpip adress of the target)  to choose the NIC they use for communication. Because of some Networkingoverhead (Broadcasts) the swithhes need to act as filters. So with your two switches you may not be able to use this kind of port trunking.
An other idea to make use of your two switches and two NIC's is that you specify for each node a route (via your routing-table or simply via your host-table) to every other node. For example for even IP-Adresses you use eth0 and for odd adresses eth1, so you will have tcp/ip-based a channelbonding. This method is transparent to all network components (hub(switch/router), and you may use as mich NIC's in every node as you want .   At our worldrecord with the clown project at paderborn/germany we had a network with about 700 Linux Nodes, and used this idea to connect all the workstations to a central fileserver with 5 NICs.
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