After I install other OS, my D: and E: drive are gone?

I had Windows95 (c: drive) after that i try to install WinNT(d:) and linux(e:) which all are FAT16.  It boot to C: drive is fine.  But i can not go to C: and D: at all.  I try to use fdisk and format from each OS which i created while i am installing.  However, it is not run the command at all.  I try to format c: and d: from Partition magic, but still not do anything.  I belive that my harddisk is good.

Please give me some advise.
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What is your goal here to run 95, NT, and linux all on the same system?  I am having problems understanding your situation.  Does Windows 95 still boot up?  If C: boots fine, how can you not go to C.

I beleive I can answer your question.  I had the same problem when I tried to install WinNT and linux after installing Win98.  First you have to understand Windows NT.  Windows NT is a VERY greedy OS and has to be on Drive1 Partition1 and MUST occupy the boot sector.  Because WinNT must occupy the boot sector, when you install it, it WILL overwrite an OS loaders you previously had installed such as LILO and if there are any partitions that have another OS installed, it will hide those drives.  You should first delete all partitions on all drives and then re-partition your drives the way you want them.  Install WinNT on your C: drive first (This is VERY imortant that you install NT first).  After installing NT, install Linux.  Set up Linux and LILO as you need.  (I suggest using LILO as your OS loader.) After Linux is installed, procedd with installing Win95/98 on another partition.  You may then have to reconfigure LILO to point to your Win95 partition.  When you are in Win95 or WinNT you should see both the WinNT and 95 partitions.  However, you will not see the Linux partitions.  This is becase Linux does not use FAT16 to run.  However, Linux can read and write to any FAT16 partitions once it is installed.  This should work for you.  I've explained this situation to my local Linux Users Group and it has worked for everyone with the same situation.  Any questions, drop a comment.

- Tom

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labAuthor Commented:
To bcoleman:
I do not have money to buy 2 more computers.  I need to test some programs for 3 OS at the same time.  

I type wrong.  I mean D: and E: drive.

To tcornett:
Thanks for your advise.  

However, how can i fdisk or format my harddisk?  

If I boot from Win95 or WinNT startup, It can go to a: prompt but can not run fdisk or format command.  If I boot with linux startup, it will hangup.

If you have a Win95/98 Boot disk, boot to that.  The disk should have the fdisk and format commands.  One thing I forgot to mention is that you may want to leave the space for Linux un-partitioned.  The Linux setup will require you to create some mandatory partitions.

Any other questions, I will be happy to answer!

Good luck!!

- Tom
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