Tried EVERYTHING, scanner still not initialized

My scanner had previously been working fine; then one day, I went to scan and I got the "Sorry, no scanner found, scanner not initialized" message while opening the PrecisionScan Pro.  I tried all of the suggestions offered at the HP website, and non of them worked, then sat on the phone w/ an HP tech for over an hour, and still not working.  For some reason, I am missing the "hpie.reg" file, the "HPSCNCLI.REG" file, as well as the "HPSCNSVR.REG" file.  My thinking is that this is why the scanner is no longer working, that these files somehow got purged.  I can't find them anywhere, PLEASE help.  I DID have McAffee anti-virus software on my computer, and the HP tech told me that is likely what purged those files.  Took McAffe off, tried re-installing HP software and scanner, still nothing.  I am really reaching the end of my rope here w/ this thing, and missing out on several deadlines.  Thanks.
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briancassinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
they may be compressed.... or they may actually be missing off of the cd make sure you go to view then options and show all files if they do not show even compressed though or even after you do show all then get a replacement cd
Try this uninstall all of scanner software completely...

then reboot hit ctrl,atl,delete end task everything except for EXPLORER and SYSTRAY then go back through the install this should fix it...

if you are shutting down mcaffe by right cliking on the shield icon in right hand corner of the screen on the taskbar and selecting disable that actually does not shut it down because if you hit ctrl,alt,delete you will see vschwin32 still running in the backgroun which mcaffee
chlabAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I already tried that as well.  I COMPLETELY un-installed ALL of McAffee software, plus I did above (HP tech walked me through it)and still not initializing.  Any other suggestions?  Could my newly installed Win98 UPgrade have something to do w/ this as well?
Thanks for being so prompt.
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try this

Before you do the instructions below goi to start find files or folders where it says look in select my computer then where it says named type in win.ini and then hit find now once it is found right click on it and select properties make sure that read only is NOT checked if it is uncheck it apply the change and reboot
then follow the directions below

before you do this find out what directory those files you are missing go they either most likely go into
c:\windows\system or

go to start run type msinfo32 and hit enter go to tools and then system file checker insert the HP installation disk for the scanner select to extract one file from disk...

type the name of the file exactly then hit next it will ask you what location to extract from select your cd-rom drive then where it says save in select that as the directory on your computer where the files should go
(i.e. c:\windows\system)
then go ahead and extract the files you may need to look through sub directories of the cd-rom
chlabAuthor Commented:
The CD isn't even showing those files either.Ahhhhhh!
I've looked EVERYWHERE on the CD.  I even did a scan and find on the CD and it came up w/ nothing.
Thanks again for the help.
chlabAuthor Commented:
Although my issue still isn't resolved, Brian was very efficient and patient.  I am waiting for a new scanning CD from HP so i am hoping that will alleviate my problems.  Thanks for the time and help.
your welcome :)
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