Linux6.1 driver for 3c575 PCMCIA card

Linux-mandrake 6.1 out of the box didn't see my card. does anyone know where to find the drivers AND installation instructions? The card is a 3ccfe575bt cardbus pc card. The computer is a FutureMate by FutureTech. Model #3100c.
Thanks very much!
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What Laptop, which Linux? It's hard to provide a specific answer without knowing that.

I happen to be using a ThinkPad 1472 and could never get a 3c575 to work until I upgraded the pcmcia drivers to 3.1.9 (3.1.10 is the current version that I'm running now). Part of the problem was the O2 Micro pcmcia controller and part was the card modules. You can get the pcmcia stuff at and other places. The PCMCIA How-To has a lot of good information about how to install the pcmcia support and configure it.

The basic process of installing the new pcmcia support is to:

1) Download and unpack the distribution.

2) Become root and cd to the pcmcia-3.1.x dir and run "make config", answering the questions. Except for Cardbus and maybe PnP support the defaults should be okay. You have to have CardBus for the 3c575.

3) Run "make install" and reboot.

4) You'll probably need to customize /etc/pcmcia per the instructions for your Linux & card as documented in the PCMCIA How-To.

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dsood01Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
Well, I found the FutureTech web site, but it didn't go into the kind of detail that would indicate which pcmcia controller it used. Do you happen to know if Win98 needs a special pcmcia drivers disk? Have you looked at the PCMCIA How-To, and if so what additional info do you need?
dsood01Author Commented: was the ticket...thanks!!!
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