FAT 32

I converted my HD to Fat32...now I want to convert it back.  How do I do It...I am willing for format my my HD if needed.

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The easiest thing to do is buy Partition Magic 4.0 or higher. It can convert both ways. Microsoft doesn't support converting back to FAT16.
cdlovesAuthor Commented:
Even if I format my HD?
cdlovesAuthor Commented:
Let put it this way...  I want to set up win95 to my HD.  But it would not let because of FAT32...Is there a way around that?
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Win95 will install on a FAT32 HD.  It won't on an NTFS Drive.  If you must change it to FAT16, then run FDISK.  When it asks you if you want large drive support select 'NO'.  Then drop and recreate your partitions.  Reboot, format, and they will be FAT16.

I think reformatting your hard drive is the only way to do this without using third party software.

Make sure you have a backup of all the files you want to restore after you install Win95.

Run FDISK from DOS and delete all partition, then create a new partition and reformat your hard drive.

You should then be able to install Win95.

Hope this helps.
cdlovesAuthor Commented:
I ran fdisk.  Create an active [C:drive] with size of 2gig.  I left the rest memory free.  When run win95 set up.  It says

"Setup found a compressed volume or a disk-chace utility on your computer. Quit setup and check your compressed volume with your discompression..."

what is it mean?

What should I do?

OK, here's what you should do (please execute exactly as instructed):
1) Boot with a clean win95 or DOS diskette containing the FDISK and FORMAT utilities.
2) From A: drive Run FDISK /MBR
3) From A: drive Run FDISK and delete ALL the partitions in the drive.
4) ReBoot with a clean win95 or DOS diskette containing the FDISK and FORMAT utilities.
5) Run FDISK and select 1 (Create a new partition) and answer Yes to the question to use the maximum available size and make the partition active.
6) ReBoot with a clean win95 or DOS diskette containing the FDISK and FORMAT utilities.
7) From A: drive Run FORMAT c: /U
8) Then run the win95 setup!

Good luck,
cdlovesAuthor Commented:
Your answer is very clean and well instructed...  Unfortunatly, I dont have any win95 startup disk with me.  So I can't test your answer.  I tried with win95 startup.  I doesnot seem to work with win98 startup disk...

Got another way to do without the need of win95 startup disk?
You can only install Windows 95 OSR2 (Win95B or higher) on FAT32. That's an OEM CD, plain silver with black lettering. There's a date code on the disc that gives information about which version (a,b, or c) it is.
That's no reason to reject the answer :(
Anyway, you can do it with the win98 CD.
In my original answer replace:
"ReBoot with a clean win95 or DOS diskette containing the FDISK and FORMAT utilities. "
 Boot with the CD and in the boot menu select "Boot from CD" and then "Command prompt with CD-Support".
Logon to the D: drive (assuming thats where your CD is)
Enter: "CD \win98"


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You can use xchange answer by getting a boot disk from www.bootdisk.com

Hope it helps.

The win98 CD is bootable as xchange suggests, but you may have to make changes in CMOS for your PC to support booting to the CD-ROM.

 Had you any luck!?!?

cdlovesAuthor Commented:

I did not work on the weekend so I could not reply your answer, comments.  Anyway, the start up disk from bootdisk.com works.  So here is your point Theodore.  Sorry for rejecting your answer before, but I could not accept your answer until I actually follow your suggestion and get the right solution.

Glen and winbeartx, thanks for your comments and information.

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