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Version Differences

What is the difference between VB4 and VB5 and VB6
1 Solution
VB 4 you can make both 16 and 32 bit programs.  VB 5.0 of course has added features but you can't make 16 bit programs with anymore.  VB 6.0 has more features than 5.0 of course and I'm pretty sure you can use 6.0 in 5.0 after stripping "reatained" from the prject file.
VB4 is available in 16 and 32bit versions. You could only had one build option, P-Code .exe's although you could have public classes.

VB5 introduced ActiveX .dlls' exe's and controls. It also introduced the option to compile to native code.

The AddressOf operator was introduced which gave access to a whole raft of extra API calls including CreateThread (More on which later)

the VB5 IDE introduced AutoComplete

VB6 introduced WebClasses, DHTML projects, generally a giant step toward internat application development.

A few new commands were added Split, Join, and others.

ADO appeared as a replacement for DAO.
(Database tools)

CreateThread usage was trashed due to a change in the VB Engine.

Each Version also shipped with updated or new ActiveX Controls.

These are some of the major differences, is there any one area you're particularly interested in?


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