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Is is possible to unload a servlet once it is invoked without shutting down the web server ?

Once I invoke a servlet once, any change made on the servlet doesn't become effective before the web server is stopped and started again. I am looking for some way to make the change effective without having to re-start the web server.
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sytanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The answer is no. Servlets are loaded by the classloader and it is done automatically. The classloader will check for changes in the classes and reload them if changes were made. That means you shouldnt have to stop and restart the server for every change.

Unfortunately, there are some Jserv engine that will only load the servlets once. Which I presume, is the one you are using.. What you can do is to install a Jserv that does, for example Apache Jserv 1.1b1 or later..

BTW, if you are using JSWDK 1.0.1, bad news.. it will only load the servlets once..  Good Luck!

eldhoAuthor Commented:

Thanks. I am using JSWDK. That should explain it.

Thanks again.
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