Boot disk for CD Rom drive

How do I create a boot disk to get to my CD rom drive to install Win95 on a system with no O/S? Not sure I haven't actually lookes at it yet. Doing for a friend. I believe it is an old 486??
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First off you have to make sure that your computer will support booting from CD Rom.  Many of the older ones, and some of the new ones will not.  Does the computer in question have that capability?
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and make the bootdisk for your configuration.

    To get access to CDROM drive for Win95 installation, you can use boot disk from any MS-DOS version.  
    If you happens to come across any bootable system (DOS, Win 3.x, Win 9.x) just grab a blank floppy, and create a bootable floppy disk (FORMAT A: /S).  Next you need to copy a few files - MSCDEX.EXE, FORMAT.COM, FDISK.EXE, SYS.COM, HIMEM.SYS.  These are the basic.
    For CD-ROM drivers, I believe it must come with the CD-ROM, or if you don't have the disk, any ATAPI CD-ROM (which connected to IDE cable) might work.  Just create a CONFIG.SYS in the floppy with the following content

   DEVICE=CDROMDRIVER.SYS /D:MSCD001 <-- replace CDROMDRIVER.SYS with the driver you obtained.

and create a file called AUTOEXEC.BAT in the same floppy with the following content

   In the PC (486) you are installing, make sure the first boot disk is Floppy A, and restart the machine.
   Once you get the system booted, make sure that the CDROM is detected.  Once it's Ok, then you are off for the installation process.  Since the HD is still blank, you might first want to prepare the HD (creating partition, formatting, etc.)

   I hope this should help.

If it is a 486, I'll bet that it is not bootable, but if it is, you still need your 3 basic files, and your 2 hidden system files.
Well the easiest answer I know for this..
if it happens to be an atapi/ide cdrom
find a system with win98
go to control panel, add remove programs, second tab windows components, create startup disk. that should get you to cdrom.
failing that find the cdrom's identification on top of drive
eg cd5234 etc and post that... and I might have the drivers for it
as much info as you can give off the top of the drive regarding
make/model pls.
eg Funai 4000x or mitsumi 5602
I think I have 600 cd rom drivers.... (dun ask how they are filed...)
go to this site and click on cdromgod.
This will create a floppy which you can make a boot disk that can start a pc with 40 to 50 diff cdroms
Do the following

SYS a: //system will be transferd to a drive.
copy cd-rom driver to the a-drive and mscdex
make a config.sys and an autoexec.bat that contains your cd-rom driver
(you already made the partition)
put a line in the autoexec.bat to go to the cd-rom and start setup.exe.

Samri's suggested steps will do the job.
However, instead of searching for CD-ROM drivers (maybe you don't know the brand) look for a file called "oakcdrom.sys".

**Let me know if you need it via email or for download.**

This is a standard ATAPI driver which will support almost every CD-ROM device.

In other words:
you only have to change samri's config.sys line to the following:

Be sure to set your floppy as your first boot-up device in CMOS settings.

Please check this site, also...could be very helpful creating your boot disk:

Best regards
just go to another Windows 95B or higher and open the add/remove programs control panel and open the third tab labelled "start-up disk" or something very similar.  make your start-up disk-it'll transfer to the other machine.
Start your system up with the boot floppy in the floppy drive.  your cd-rom driver will be loaded automatically :)
Hmm why is this one still open? 10 days and no further info from original poster...

Cooljudson Win 95 any version did not put the CD drivers on the diskette
Win 98 does. for all but the older proprietary 2X's anyway...

Oh well
I have one, would you like a copy?


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Kewl answer...never expected that the problem could be solved that easily !

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