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When I open a second browser window, the first window disappears behind the newly opened. Because I have Windows 98 I can return to the first  window by clicking its icon on my taskbar.

What I like to know is: how does one return to the first window when one uses a MAC?

Thanks in advance
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JapanExpertsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have system 8.6 and IE 4.5 you can hold down the control key and hold down the button on your mouse and a window will pop up. On top will be

Internet Explorer help...

select windows and the open windows in the browser will appear.   You can switch between the windows this way.

I guess the thing missing from your question is the word "maximised" if you open a *maximised* window on a PC then you can't see the one behind it.

On a Mac?

Well, for a start, there's no such thing as maximised on a Mac. Windows never completely occupy the screen.

If that doesn't fix your problem (and why can't we just *close* the window in front?) the answer is "select the window from the Window menu of IE, and from the weird little icon menu of Netscape", same as it is on a PC.

If you've opened this window with JavaScript, by the way, you can bring the other one to the from with a simple script called from a button.
frankhoofdAuthor Commented:
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frankhoofdAuthor Commented:

The first window can't be closed because this is the main page. The second page is about the size of half a window and contains extra information.

I am not familair with the "Window menu of IE" or the "weird little icon menu of Netscape". Could you tell me where they are located?

Also are there no shotcuts, like ALT+TAB on a PC?

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frankhoofdAuthor Commented:
Ok, of course I mean that the first window is about 50% of a full screen window. It contains information that is needed in the second window.
By clicking on any part of the window, that window comes to the front.
There is nothing similar to the windows taskbar for that particular option.
You can try using WindowStacker to stack your windows so that they dont overlap each other therefore giving you a place to click.
Or simply move the windows to diffrent parts of the screen.
I hardly ever have more than 4 windows open, and usually work with and close the topmost.
Becomes automatic after a while.
frankhoofdAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you all.

JapanExperts, you answer was the most helpful, so I will give you the points.
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