beowulf project, old ps/2's

I'm trying to create a beowulf cluster out of old ps/2's my school has donated to the computer club.  My problem is these computers use the Micro Channel bus instead of isa or pci.  I have not seen any documentation of Micro Channel that was meaningfull and was wondering if this architecture create any problems such as requiring drivers, and if so, would any one have said drivers?
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Jan_GuldentopsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some guys @ Leuven University ran a complete PC-Room with PS/2 Linuxboxes. It is not easy to get it up and running.

The MCA Homepage could help you on the way
Install kernel source code and compile with ps/2 mouse support..
It will work fine..
for further details on kernel compl u can contact with me in <>
seraphAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for the post, it is exactly the thing I needed.  
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