Boot partition too big

I'm trying to install rh6.0 on an ata hard drive. When I go to set the partition size, it gives me the warning "Boot partition too big", and will not go any further. However, I tried changing the partition size to 1024, 2048, etc. , trying different sizes. But nothing seems to work. The hard drive has a total of 6197MB. It is an IBM.
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TigreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to install RH-6.1 with kernel 2.2.14 or more.

OK, for your RH-6 Just try the followings:
1) Boot your m/c with dos bootable floppy, chk with fdisk, what type of pertition you have <pl. not form diskDrude-lnx>
2) If by any chance You don't have the primary partition and all is extended or nothing well defined their... then 1st del all partition and leave the disk with no define partion or Single Pertition.
3) Boot from cdrom and 1st try with diskdrud. If you still could not better start install proc again with expert mod...
4) go with minimal installetion 1st if successed then Upgrade...
best of luck....
What's the hd size for the non-Redhat partition?  How did you partitioned your HD, through RH's disk druid, fdisk or partition magic program.
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