sccs: Change user id

I want to run sccs from a 'protected' userid (custst). When a user (say xyz) requests a source, I want to run "sccs get -g XXXX.src" but for sccs to log xyz as the owner not custst. sccs appears to have no parameters to do this, and I can find no information in the manuals on where sccs gets the id it logs from.
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I'm pretty sure it just uses the uid of the user that ran the command. You'd have to become that user when you ran the sccs command. This can be done by su'ing to the user, or I think you could use a suid script to execute the sccs command. The later seems to me to be the most attractive since you don't have to enter xyz's password, but since I use CVS instead of sccs I can't test it. Why don't you try creating a script, something like:

sccsget -g $1

chown the script to user xyz, and "chmod u+s" the script.

If that doesn't work, I've got another way involving a small C program that will, for sure. You'd need root privs to install it though.

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As far as I now recent versions of unix does not allow setuser id
shell scripts. You need to write a C program and make the executable
a set user id program.
hughmAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I am not allowed su access, so what I ended up doing was writing scripts (using awk) that edited the p. file and the s. file to put the correct uid into the files after I had finished.
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