Wrong Domain on internet mail

Our LN mail server is working fine before the upgrade
After the upgrade to R5 our internet mail address is not shown properly

If I send to hotmail the From Address is


Before it was


We have followed the instruction carefully but we're suprised to see the it didn't get it right.

How can we make it to use the internet mail format using shortname
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HI, This may be helpful for you...

Configuration in R4 vs. R5  

This topic describes configuration information in the R4 MTA and where that information exists and is configured in the R5 Internet mail server.
R4 Server document (Public Address Book)Item      R5 location
SMTP Mail Routing task, in Routing Tasks field      Server Configuration document: "SMTP used when sending messages outside of the local Internet domain." You must continue to list SMTP Mail Routing in the Routing Tasks field in the Server document if R4 and non-SMTP R5 servers route Internet mail to this server.
General section - Fully qualified Internet host name      Server document
General - Global domain name      All R5 servers use all R5 Global domain documents and do not need to find only one document
Control section -- Poll for new messages every X minutes      Not used in R5
Control - MTA work path      Not used in R5
Control - Log level      In server log file (LOG.NSF) -- SMTP outbound logging is router logging; SMTP inbound logging is SMTP task logging; logging is controlled by NOTES.INI variables. See the NOTES.INI appendix in Administering the Domino System or Domino Administration Help.
Control - Enable daily housekeeping      Not used in R5
Control - Perform daily housekeeping at      Not used in R5
Conversion - header handling      Not used in R5
Conversion -
Attachment encoding method      Server Configuration document - MIME-Conversion Options-Outbound tab
Conversion - Message content      Server Configuration document - MIME-Conversion Options-Outbound tab
Conversion - Support return receipts      Server Configuration document - MIME-Conversion Options-General tab - Return receipts
Conversion - Language parameters      Server Configuration document - MIME-Basics tab and MIME-Settings by Character Set Groups
Conversion - Use character set detection routines      Server Configuration doc - MIME-Conversion Options-Inbound tab - Use character set auto-detection if message has no character set information
Conversion - Message Typeface      Server Configuration doc - Conversion Options - MIME - Settings by Character Set groups
Conversion - Message Point Size      Server Configuration doc - Conversion Options - MIME - Settings by Character Set groups
Conversion - Outbound Macintosh message conversion      Server Configuration doc - Conversion Options-MIME-Advanced-Advanced Outbound Message Options tab - Macintosh attachment conversion
Inbound Configuration - Number of Processes      Not used in R5
Outbound Configuration - Number of Processes      Not used in R5
Outbound Configuration - Maximum outbound msg size      Server Configuration doc - Router/SMTP-Restrictions and Controls-Restrictions tab - Maximum message size
Transport Configuration - Host name mapping      Server Configuration doc - Router/SMTP-Basics tab - Host name lookup
Transport Configuration - Retry limit      Not used in R5
Transport Configuration - Retry interval      Not used in R5
Transport Configuration - Transfer mode      Not used in R5

R4 Foreign SMTP Domain document (Public Address Book)Item      R5 location
Allow mail only from domains      Server Configuration document - Restrictions and Controls-Restrictions tab - Allow mail only from Notes domains
Deny mail from domains      Server Configuration document - Restrictions and Controls - Restrictions - Deny mail from Notes domains
Messages addressed to [Internet domain] should be routed to [Domain name] or [Internet host]      Used in R5 to route Internet mail to Domino SMTP servers, unless all mail servers can route outbound SMTP Internet mail. If your organization only uses a few SMTP servers (R4 "gateway" architecture), continue to use Foreign SMTP Domain and SMTP Connection documents to route outbound Internet mail to the SMTP servers.

R4 Global Domain Document (Public Address Book)Item      R5 location
Global Domain document      All existing documents are carried foward
primary Internet domain (set in first Global Domain document in R4)      Global Domain document - Conversions - SMTP Address Conversion - Local primary Internet domain. R5 pulls primary domain from first Global Domain document.
Alternate Internet domain aliases (set in all other Global Domain documents in R4)      Global Domain document - Conversions - SMTP Address Conversion - Alternate Internet domain aliases (R5 pulls aliases from all Global Domain documents except first one)
Internet address lookup      Server Configuration document - Router/SMTP-Basics tab - Address lookup. If enabled, R5 looks for the Internet address in the Domino Directory; if disabled, Domino converts the Internet address.

R4 NOTES.INI parameters (server NOTES.INI file)
Item      R5 location
MailMaxThreads (maximum number of message transfer threads)      Server Configuration document - Router/SMTP-Restrictions and Controls-Transfer Controls tab - Maximum transfer threads
MailDisablePriority (set to 1 to route all mail as Normal priority regardless of designated priority)      Server Configuration document - Router/SMTP-Advanced-Controls tab - Advanced Transfer Controls section - Ignore message priority
MailLowPriorityTime (sets time range during which Low priority messages are routed)      Server Configuration document - Router/SMTP-Restrictions and Controls-Transfer Controls tab - Low priority mail routing time range
Log_Mailrouting (controls amount of logging performed during message routing)      Server Configuration document - Router/SMTP-Advanced-Controls tab - Miscellaneous Controls section - Logging level
MailDynamicCostReset (controls how often router resets all dynamic costs that have been adjusted due to delivery failures)      Server Configuration document - Router/SMTP-Advanced-Controls tab - Advanced Transfer Controls section - Dynamic cost reset interval
MailEncryptIncoming (forces encryption of all delivered mail, regardless of setting for each mail file)      Server Configuration document - Router/SMTP-Restrictions and Controls-Delivery Controls tab - Encrypt all delivered mail
MailClusterFailover (lets mail router fail over to other cluster members on transient delivery failures)      Server Configuration document - Router/SMTP-Advanced-Controls tab - Additional Controls section - Cluster failover
SMTPMTA_IPPORT (port that SMTP listens on)      Server document - Ports - Internet Ports - Mail - Mail (SMTP Inbound) and Mail (SMTP Outbound) - TCP/IP port number - set to port 25 on upgrade
SMTPMTA_CONVERT_ORIGINATOR (looks up originator's address in Public Address Book)      Not used in R5
SMTP_KEEP1MEANS1=X (Force MTA to treat local domain in same way as other domains)      Not used in R5
SMTPMTA_DENIED_DOMAINS=filename, where filename is an ASCII file with list of denied domains (deny mail from Internet domains)      Server Configuration documents - Restrictions and Controls - SMTP Inbound Controls and SMTP Outbound Controls sections
SMTPMTA_NO_INLINE_CONTENT_DISP=1 (Disable RFC 1806 support to disable content disposition headers if disposition type is inline)      Not used in R5
SMTPMTA_TRACE_LEVEL=0x00000100 (enhanced tracing in log)      Not used in R5 -- logging is normal server logging

R4 SMTP Connection documentItem      R5 location
Relay host      Server Configuration document, Router/SMTP-Basics tab, "Relay host for messages leaving the local internet domain." You must also enable the field "SMTP used when sending messages outside of the local Internet domain" for the relay host to function properly.

Note  For additional NOTES.INI parameters related to Internet mail, see Appendix E, "NOTES.INI File," in Administering the Domino System or Domino Administration Help.

OOPS the formating is lost, Check Notes R5 help for Configuration in R4 vs. R5  

There is a quick tool to set user's internet addresses in the Admin client.

1.  Launch the admin client
2.  Select your R5 server
3.  Goto the "People and Groups" tab
4.  Select all people from list (Edit menu > Select All)  (BTW: ^A didn't work for me as a substitute keyboard command. I'm using 5.02a admin client.)
5.  From the tools tab on the right side, open the "People" tools and then select "Set Internet Address."
6.  In the "Set Internet Address" dialog check (enable) the "Use existing address from shortname field, if available"
7.  For new internet users, set the default formmat to "FI LastName" (First Initial, LastName); Separator to "None" and Internet Domain to your "domain.com.ph"
8.  Click [ok] to apply to all addresses in the Directory (address book)


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redenAuthor Commented:

I tried your instruction but it does not use the shortname on the person document.  It does shows the correct domain.

Arg -- sorry!  As I now re-read my step 6 it implies pulling a complete custom internet address from the shortname field (which became an option somewhere in the 4x code releases).

Your best bet may be to stick with the "FI Lastname" if your shortnames are have maintained the default pattern.  This will not correct for special cases (like my own which was a duplicate ... requiring me to use FI MI Lastname).

I'll recheck the "Set Internet Address" dialog to explore the "More" button (lower right corner) as soon as my client becomes available (currently reindexing view #37 of 168 on a database I brought home to work on over the weekend).
-- Rhonda
redenAuthor Commented:
I created an agent to replace Internet Mail with Shortname + '@domain.com' which is basically the purpose of set internet address but I was still wondering why it can't see the short name field
Yup - your agent did exactly what the Set Internet Address tool would have done (update the Internet Mail field).

My Notes client is grinding away slowly at these views and I'm ready to turn in for the night (GMT -8hrs).

Sorry I can't offer anything more about pulling from the shortname field tonight....
I double checked the options for the "Set Internet Address."  You are correct -- no option for simply pulling the existing shortname in a formula (to add to your domain).  Odd oversight?
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