Arrangement of Icons in Browse and Open Boxes

Recently, the Icons in the "Open","Save", and "Browse" dialogue boxes (for example form File/Open) appear in Reverse Alphabetical order, by default. I have to switch view, then arrange icons by name, using the right-click menu to return them back into the proper order.
    Question: How can I fix the problem, making Windows arrange the icons in alphabetical order in these windows, by default, the way it used to be? ( I don't know exactly when the problem began.)
     What is the program responsible for these dialogue boxes? When listing the contents of the folders, with  which index does it consult?
     I checked the folders themselves; they mostly had their usual arrangement. So, it should be a different index responsible for these dialogue boxes.
     However, in general, when I opened folders by double-clicking the icons (e.g. on the desktop) their files appeared in reverse order, too, at times. In general, Windows is behaving strangely.  
     I think this should explain the problem.
   I tried fixing it, using the "Folder Option" settings; I created and deleted a few indexes, using Find Fast (Control panel/Find Fast); I rebooted the system, several times...all to no avail. Thanks ahead for your time. Payman

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If you open windows explorer, do the files list reverse alpha by default ?  if they do can you click the bar above the filename (top, where it says name) to sort ascending .. ?? then close explorer and re-open ..  they should be as they were when u last closed ..  is that the case ?

what effect does this have on other apps ?

Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Payman, Please give more detail where that dialogue boxes are or within with program?
akhlaghiAuthor Commented:
To Leon Judge, and pslh:
Dear Leon;
I opened Windows Explorer. At first they were all reverse alpha, and in List view. I changed to Detail, and then clicked on the Name key; itself and all subfolders were OK. I went to one of the programs, clicked "File", clicked "Open", and there were still in reverse alpha. It also happens with the "Save" and "Browse" dialogue boxes within most programs, except the Office applications; apparently, they have their own indexes. What do you think?Payman
Try this:
[]Close any open explorer windows/programs/etc.
[]Open up my computer, and set the view settings to the way that you want them to be by default (or if it is correct, then don't change it)
[]Close the window by CTRL-clicking on the close box (the "X").  This should save the settings as the default setting and should (hopefully) fix your problem.

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akhlaghiAuthor Commented:
Dear rlippert;
Thanks for your comment/answer. I tried it immediately,and it worked perfectly. Your answer had the apparent simplicity of any truly insightful reply.
Thanks also go to leon_judge and pslh, for their earlier replies.
Good luck to all of you!

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