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Help me!! I have bought Tomb Raider IV. But when I open tomb4.exe, (Altough I open it in the discor in the hard disk.) It told "Failed to setup Direct X.". And I don't know what happened. I havecheck the Direct X(DXDiag.exe). there is Direct X 6.1 in the disc, so I don't think that I've gotthe old version. I have open "tomb4.exe" in the disc. But also saw the wrong dialogue box. I haveopens "setup.exe" in the disc. Also the same thing happened. Do you know how to solve my problem?PERHAPS I WIll GIVE YOU "'A' GRADE" IF YOU CAN SOLVE MY PROBLEM AND PLAY TOMB RAIDER IV NORMALLY!

                                                 very unlucky person - andy_mario
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Just a comment. You could go and download directx version 7 at  I'm not really sure what the problem is, maybe you ran the wrong exe files. But try that new directx anyway. good luck
You can't downgrade directX. Genaraly, the game comes with the version it needs, and it does not matter if you have a newer version. You could try to setup driectx 7. I would uninstall tomb raider, and install the newest version of directx. Then I would reinstall tomber raider.  Take a look at the company site for patchs, and install them all. If none of this works, you wil have to get a refund. It should work though. Give it a shot.
laeuchli, please don't block questions with maybe answers. This removes the question from the que and other experts who may be able to help won't see it. Your proposed answer doesn't solve anything for this person, and for the most part it is wrong, you can go back to DirectX 6.1 if need be. Post a comment next time and at least allow the questioner to decide on which path to follow when you really don't have an answer.
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You said "there is Direct X 6.1 in the disc, so I don't think that I've gotthe old version." Are you saying that DX6.1 is on the TR4 disk or your hard disk?
If it is on the TR4 disk try looking for a directory that is marked Directx and run the setup program.
Dew as a matter of fact, directx 7 won't uninstall. Try it if you feel so confident. There is no way.
lauchli, not only have I "tried it", **I've done it** several times. It takes a little work and preparation and it must be done in safemode, but it can be done if necessary.
how can you do it? There is no uninstall program for it. It writes itself into the deep into the registy. I will withdraw my answer, so could you please share you info with us more ingnorant people :-)? I would really like to know how this is done.
My friend is having a problem with DX and his voodoo2, he cannot uninstall it and games totally suck. Would love to hear how to do it, I will also give you some points for the trouble Dennis.
Okay, it can be done in either of two ways depending on which version is installed and which version you decide to go to. DirectX does not plant any magical entries in the registry. Except for DX7, all of the entries are the same from version 6.1 through to 6.4. DX7 adds just one addiional entry for acceleration, which can really be left behind if necessary as it will just call the same VXD.

Let's understand what DirectX really is, it's a combined set of enhanced sound and video card driver add-ons and nothing more. While MS doesn't tell you this, when you either upgrade or downgrade a DX version, you should always reinstall your sound and video drivers.

Now, the above aside, let's get to the two ways of doing this. Win98 comes with DirectX version 5.2. Version 6.1, 6.4 and 7.x are currently available, and there are derivitives of each except for version7.

If you installed Win98 or Win98SE and had 5.2 and then added 6.0, 6.1, 6.4 or 7.0, open Windows Explorer and go to the \Programs\DirectX folder. In there you will see a file DxDiag. Click on it and review the material in it as it will give you a comprehensive view of where the DX files are located and which drivers are in use and their dates.

Now, start the DirectX Setup tool:
1. Click Start, point to Find, and then click Files Or Folders.
2. In the Named box, type "dxsetup.exe" (without the quotation marks).
3. In the Look In box, click Local Hard Drives, or click the hard disk on which Microsoft Windows is installed.
4. Click Find Now.
5. In the list of found files, double-click the Dxsetup.exe file.
If you do not see the Dxsetup.exe file in the list of found files, close the Find: Files Named Dxsetup.exe window, and then follow these steps to run DirectX Setup from the CD-ROM:
1. Insert the CD-ROM for the game that includes the latest version of DirectX into the CD-ROM drive. Press and hold down the SHIFT key as you insert the CD-ROM to prevent the program from starting automatically.
2. On the desktop, double-click My Computer.
3. Right-click the CD-ROM drive, and then click Install DirectX.
The DirectX setup tool does not remove DirectX, but it will permit you to go back to earlier versions.

Now the second way is a little more complex, but it works nonetheless.

1. All DirectX files are preceded by two letters DX and are generally found in the \Windows\System directory, although I have found them (especually DLL files) in other directories as well. The only exception to this are the DirectX approved signature files for your specific video card and/or sound card, and there are about 27 of those files. These can generally be ignored if you follow the MS recommendation mentioned earlier about updated video drivers.

2. Given the above, make sure that you have available all of the files for the version of DirectX that you want installed. Save the files and especially the setup executible in a folder than you can locate.

3. Now boot the system into safemode and remove all the DX files from both \Windows\System and \Windows\INF. If you want to be more thorough, use find, files and folders and search the other directories, but like I said, this is rarely necessary. Obviously, you can merely move these files to two temp directories if you're playing between versions.

4. Once this finished, run the setup for the version you want.

5. Now reboot the system to a command prompt only.

6. Change directories to \Windows\Command.

7. Now run SCANREG/FIX

In either case, reboot normally.
I would just sugest that you goto microsoft site and install the latest version of DX, that has solved a similar problem for me in the past.

Dennis, I made a question for you to get some points, thanks: 
Thanks compmania, but go ahead and withdraw the question and save your points. Call it professional courtesy.
I am going to "lock" this question to see if I can get andy mario's attention.

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