C libraries to be used in visual C++

I currently have a smart card API that provides all the libraries, headers and dll files (all written in C) to communicate with the smart card reader. However I need to use them in Visual C++ (That is to call the functions in the libraries written in C).

How will I link those libraries to my C++ program?
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LeschaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't see where that addresses any C++ to C issues.
Sure it does. You have to folow any link on export/import, and on the page there will be several follow-ups, one of them about C to C++, another C++ to C.
I had looked at linkig an EXE to a DLL, which does not seem to mention these issues.  However, I see they are covered under exporting from a DLL.
oCEANAuthor Commented:
Thanks it's been helpful
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