Fixed toolbars and rollovers in Dreamweaver

I just downloaded Dreamweaver 3 tiral, and compared to MS Word or other editors, there are no fixed toolbar but everything is floating.  This is really annoying having been used to fixed toolbars before.

My questions are;

1. How do you make the tool bar fixed, if it can be?

2. What is a rollover and timeline?

3. Not directly related to this question but, in Paintshop pro, how do you slow down the speed of an animated gif apart from running the animation wizard?

Pls post as comment.
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1) Edit>Preferences.  Highlight Floating Palettes.  These are the only options I have ever found.  you can make them always on top and decide which will be launced when you start the program.

2)  Rollovers are the JavaScript functions that cause text or images to change when mouse overed.  Timelines are how you determine behaviors over time.  For instance if you have DHTML layers, you can show and hide them at will determined on time.

3) In Paint Shop Pro 6, you can adjust the speed of an animation by opening Animation Shop, open the animation, highlight a frame, go to Animation>Frame Properties and set the show time for each frame.  You can make some frames stay longer and speed others up.
There is no way to lock the palettes, Macromedia saw these floating palette as a major advantage of using the dreamweaver  and other macromedia products as you then have everything in front of you rather than scrolling down menus.

There are two ways which you can solve this

select Edit -> Preferences - > Floating palette and deselect them all and it will hide all of the palettes.  You can then just use the File Menu bar at the top to insert images etc.  


To reduce the amount of space the palettes take up you can group them all into one single palette you can do this by.

Drag one palette by its title bar on top of another palette when you see  a border appear inside the stationary palette release your mouse button.  A new tab is created to the right of the existing tab. You can do this for each palette until they are all in one.  You can then resize the panel and place the palettes at the top of the page out of the way.  To indo this just select the tab and drag until outside of the palette.

The only palette you can not do this for is the properities palette.

I Hope this helps

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